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Feeling good about yourself

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Feeling good about yourself

Despite the conflict, poverty, death and deprivation, despite any limitations that happens, there is a painter who gets up very early and, after peering through his window, he paints and colors life in Earth. The sun is a careless painter of everything. Perhaps the sun just feels good to be the sun, to do what it does. Is there a sun depressed, anxious or worried about debts? Will there be a sun getting a headache or who suffers from arthritis? ¿Does the sun hesitate to caress a flower because it "dislike" or get with into the neighbor's because he really disturb it?

Feeling good about oneself may be one of the most interesting and deep things at this time. When the experiences of life flow in harmony and everything seems to line up according to what we love and want, the pleasurable sensation experienced is sweetly unique: there is a kind of infatuation with everything around us and life seems to shine in every corner. However, we cannot always feel this good. Many times life confronts us with experiences that are not always quite enjoyable, and more than happiness and pleasurable sensations they bring us pain, frustration, lack and limitation.

When we are faced with adverse or unflattering circumstances, somehow we feel good. And this search often find things along the way, such as experiences that give us happiness for a while, and those that simply appease a moment later, disguising or distracting things we do not like to see or suffer. And though these joys are part of life, somehow, eventually, they won’t fill us completely. And the days pass, this attitude instead of helping our lives, it get us away from what we truly love and seek.

Feeling real happiness

To find true fulfillment in yourself, and to feel good about what one is, perhaps to look a little closer to nature would be enough. In nature there are many messages of wisdom that can bring what you really crave. One of the clearest messages is that nature simply accepts us as we are. Acceptance is one of the basic steps that lead us to the heights of accomplishment. Learning to accept under any circumstances is learning to see in a clear and conscious way our weaknesses and limitations, to be clear about what we have and are, without judging, reproaching or blaming.

If you look, no matter what we do, think and even say, the air is always silent in front of us to give us oxygen, and light to nourish our cells. Nature does not judge us, criticize or mistreats us with demands. It simply allows us the space of exploration, learning and creation.

Life becomes more enjoyable when we understand and have consciousness of who we really are, our creative potential. We have a body to move through time, and an extraordinary mind that can turn any adversity into something great. If we wish, we can surround ourselves with music and flowers, abundance and joy, if only we think about it. It is true that we may not have a crystal ball to tell us what will happen in the future and how to make things in our lives, but we now have a square of glass called a monitor for which we can see and access the Internet, a powerful reporting tool that, properly used, can lead us to a wonderful knowledge.

We have at our disposal more resources than in all time to understand what it's all about this thing called life, and understand the message below each annoying experience, to extract "the gold" of what appears an opaque, pointless, painful and lacking situation.

Even though an experience is hard, there is something within us that is able to transform it into something great, but we often forget that we are creating our reality ourselves. We become tense, anxious, irritable and afraid because we do not know enough to feel bigger than any adversity, we don’t understand that within us there is a Divine force which is capable of creating universes and destroy stars. What could not do the Divine force in our lives? What problem or limitation may not transform? Somehow we played a great game without reading the instructions of how to use our mind and his extraordinary potential.

Our attention is often on what you do not want, dislike and hurts you. Reality makes a lot of noise out there, it distracts us from what we are and the creative potential we have, of divine energy that moves between each atom of what we are.

Accept and transform

Accept the reality and ourselves does not mean we have to settle for a life limited or lacking. It means that we become aware of what we really need and what we would like to transform. By accepting life as it is, and accept us with our weaknesses, pains, etc., without judging or disallowed, we can then begin to magnify what we are.

How to enlarge your life?

Putting all our intention to find out more about us, we can use our wonderful creative tool called the mind and learning to love and value the person inside us. After all, it’s everything we have.

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4 Reviews about Feeling good about yourself
on 18/12/2014
Feeling true peace and happiness is something that a lot of people have sadly never experienced. there is a very apparent (but over-looked) dis-ease, a sense of anxiety, tension, discomfort, that continuously buzzes around us everyday. If one can learn to thrive beyond this and thrust himself in this very moment, that is to know true happiness.
on 26/05/2014
on 04/05/2014
I agree with the other person, this article can be great if you really read and undertand it, not just by passing by as something more in the world... it's the same when thinking about yourself!
on 20/12/2012
A really beautiful article, it?s important to us to know that life is not something to be afraid of, or anything bad. It is the only thing we have for sure, and we must enjoy it in every aspect. It?s true that people enjoy life more when they understand the calm and wonder f the nature, instead of just creating problems from work, family, house and more.

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