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Friend fats. Good for your Health

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Friend fats. Good for your Health

If you tried to reduce body fat but this is still there, it is most likely you need to know more about fat. It's like knowing the enemy and, although the fat is not an enemy (but a result of certain habits, emotional problems or excessive stress, etc.) what you need to know is what fats exist and what is causing it to accumulate in such places as the most common are abdomen, hips, and others, or cause some unwanted reactions in your skin as excess fat, acne, etc.

Fat is essential for body functions, it is present in every cell of the body and is essential in the bloodstream. Layers of fat maintain heart, liver and kidneys, and provide twice the energy than protein or carbohydrates. Fats also play a role in insulating the body and help maintain normal body temperature.

Not all fats have beneficial effects on the body, and not all fats have the same quality, which is essential for the body to benefit charities.

Most common type of fat in the body has the three fatty acids attached to a glycerol molecule. This fat is called a triglyceride

Triglycerides at room temperature are called fatsThe liquid triglycerides are known as oils. The oils are processed by the industry in processed fats by hydrogenation. By this means the oils are converted into butter or hydrogenated oils.

There are several types of fats. Among the most harmful fats in the body are the saturated fats, which are formed by saturated fatty acids. These fats are those that come from animal products and their derivatives, in sausages, tallow, butter, etc. Those formed by fatty acids and fatty Lauric Myristic are the most harmful for the body.

The monounsaturated fats

Are those whose nucleus has two hydrogen atoms less than the saturated. Are those that increase good cholesterol and lower harmful. They are found in avocados, nuts, almonds and other nuts.

The unsaturated fats

Are those present in the world vegetable oils such as oleic or palmitoleic. Commonly known as oil, and we also found in olive oil, sunflower and maize. These fats appear to be the most suitable for human consumption, although it must be taken into account in the development process can become saturated fat and therefore harmful. That's why they are only recommended in cold pressed oils, the most beneficial of all is the extra virgin olive oil or cold pressed.

The polyunsaturated fatty

Are not as beneficial as monounsaturated, but do not hurt. These fats are found in the fish, and some oilseeds.

Knowing this, it is necessary that if you have not done before, begin to look at the type of fat you're consuming. Here are some tips to consume fat as sound:

  • Avoid saturated fat, fried products, sausages and fats of animal origin that are the least healthy fat, and this is the type of fat tends to accumulate in the body that can cause your skin and hair excess fat.
  • If you want to consume fats, prefer fat coming from vegetable origin and avoid animal as sausage, ham, beef, chicken, lamb, egg, cream and milk (especially whole)
  • If you're cooking, do not fry food. It is always better to consume raw.
  • Avoid buying refined butter or margarine. If the butter is a great need in your life, would prefer those coming from farm or are made from a natural form, without refinement.
  • Prefer products labeled "no cholesterol"
  • Check the nutrition information on the amount of saturated fat
  • If you do not want the fat to accumulate in your body, is the best to combine in your diet any salad or a pint of raw vegetable juice.
  • For fat can be distributed and utilized properly by your body you need to consume plenty of water naturally.
  • If you cannot stop using saturated fats such as meat or dairy, it is highly recommended that at least 2 days a week you let your body rest from these fats, and once a month you get a system of purification of the body.

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4 Reviews about Friend fats. Good for your Health
on 21/09/2015
I'm really glad that we are slowly transitioning out of this extreme fear of eating too many fats. Yes, it's true, that too much of anything is not healthy, but the body does also need fats!! I'm glad people are now finally accepting good oils, like olive oil and sesame oil!
on 06/07/2014
I knew this information but I wanted some reference for a study I am doing in college so thanks to you that gave me it!

I would like to know more about the topic please....

on 30/05/2014
that explains that not all the fats are bad for our body but in these years we are opting for the worst time and that's such a shame :/
on 28/10/2013
All I can say is that the information can change your mind and point of viewing and even if you consume a lot of meat or saturated fats, you can get used to avoid it especially if you read articles and more that explain the benefits of leaving those harmful fats in the body

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