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Fasting: Natural Healing

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Fasting: Natural Healing

Fasting is to abstain intake of any food or, in some cases also liquid for a period of time with voluntary basis. This is a practice that can be carried out for various reasons, whether to follow a special diet for any disease, weight loss or for purely religious purposes (see figure at end).

Fasting and Natural Healing

Currently, one of the most popular alternatives for winning naturist health is through fasting. When we are sick what we want most is usually a quick fix cure and stop suffering pain, discomfort or anything that is disagreeable. However, quick fixes often do not allow us to reach the body truly a long-term health. The best practice for natural medicine is to start by cleaning the body in a deep way, considering that almost all diseases are due to toxemia or poisoning of the body, which occurs for excess, careless and harmful food habits (eating fried, fat, refined sugars, dairy, processed food, etc..) for the organism, which gets saturated with mucus, inappropriate fats, irritating substances and wastes that are stored in the body (mainly in the intestines) became increasingly more difficult to eliminate contaminating blood and this in turn weakening and deteriorating cells, tissues and organs throughout the body.

There are many ways to keep a fast healing, this can be done either by taking only vegetable juices, eating some fruit just, refraining from certain habits, taking only liquids, or carrying out a routine of purification and abstinence from certain foods during a period of time.

Healing crisis

The healing crisis is a moment where the body, following a certain fast, seems to worsen or relapse, which occurs because the body is trying to adapt and regain harmony and balance. It is curious that the healing crisis happens most often when we feel better during fasting, as if the body is let us see how well we can be when the body is clean and pure. However, there comes a moment of relapse, which appears to be justified because it occurs when the body already has enough energy and elements to be restored, re balanced and repaired, and when we can have reactions such as diarrhea, fevers, headaches, phlegm or mucus, cough, etc., sometimes  the joints hurts or where the issue has stalled. All these are natural reactions to the process of elimination, essential to eliminate the harmful excess of the body.

One must take into account that all these reactions are normal, and that at this moment all harmful and noxious matter is being repealed and that new blood is renewing tissues.

What you need to take into account...

A fast is a very useful alternative for those who really want a healing in every way, however, you should try, whenever in doubt, resort to the guidance of a professional, otherwise the fast could backfire. In pregnant women and children are not recommended.

If you want to lose weight fast or heal any disease, it is necessary that after the fasting you choose a renewed diet because if you persist with the same habits, you will return to collect waste and harmful fats. In many cases, we recommend that diet to abstain from certain foods permanently, although this may be gradually made.

Naturist Benefits of Fasting:

  • You can lose weight effectively and naturally.
  • There will be less likely to regain weight.
  • Although the process may be slow, health is restored throughout the body, increasing the body's healing power, i.e. it strengthens the body's immune system and creates a harmony and inner balance.
  • The skin and hair begin to look clean and beautiful, the skin gets rid of diseases and rejuvenates.
  • The eyes are clear and clean: they reflect internal cleansing.
  • The body gets rid of old tissues.
  • There is a deep cellular regeneration.
  • The nervous system is cleaned and regenerated by helping to restore harmony and emotional balance.

Some history ...

Fasting has been practiced for thousands of years; it is mentioned in the most important religious books like the Bible, the Mahabharata, the Upanishads and the Koran. It can be done in different ways and as practicing religion, there are those who forbid not only eat but also prohibits sexual intercourse or sexual desire and masturbation and abstinence from meat. The Jews, for example, on Yom Kippur (the holiest day considered and purification) prohibit eating, drinking, bathing, and relationships with partners. This fast begins at sunset and ends the following evening. Christian fasting is very similar to the Jew, the Catholic distinguishes a well-known period of fasting called Lent, which consists of not eating red meat for 40 days. Today the Catholic church has changed this rule, they practice fasting depriving things that cause pleasure (eating chocolate, watching television, smoking, etc.).

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3 Reviews about Fasting: Natural Healing
on 11/12/2014
I strongly support fastin,g and I'm so glad this article was written. Last year I read a book that changed my life..."The Good Life" by Helen and Scott Nearing. These two trailblazing homesteaders decided to fast one to two days a week to cleanse the body and to provide relief to the chef. Scott lived to be over 100, and they both agreed that a large part of their health had to do with how they ate.
on 01/06/2014
on 02/06/2013
I didn?t know so much of fasting, I did know that many religions practice fasting in certain points of the life or the year, but seeing fasting as a way to change the mind and the body too never has crossed my mind, However, it is important to take into consideration

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