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Fast Food Nation: Beyond junk food

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Fast Food Nation: Beyond junk food

After possibility that comes to light the results of a research study showing faecal substances in Mickey's hamburgers,  the director of marketing for the chain travel to the southern United States to see how the meat is treated from the slaughterhouse.

Several threads weave the stories of illegal Mexican immigrants working in the slaughterhouse, with awful conditions. Mafia is responsible for that trip to the USA. The waitress in a restaurant Mickey's and his family, young idealists who try to fight the system.

Our Marketing Director teaches us what globalization is and how to ignore the problems that surround us. You can look the other way while this is happening and we have found errors in the system.

Outside the film criticism

We need a pinch more to awaken the world in which we live, which seems to initiate a simple critique of junk food, and so made; it just a mirror of the sad situations that continue to occur in our society. 

The unfair immigration, crime and exploitation of undocumented as a result leads to the passivity of those who act as mere spectators of injustice and continue to allow these situations, Richard Linklater is based on the book by Eric Schlosser that was on the list of bestsellers the New York Times.

He emphasizes the excellent photography of Lee Daniel, with images that fill the screen of a sepulchral white to show a slaughterhouse using only color contrast, the skin of the characters, so that stresses profiles without this picture would not be able to appreciate that.

I just invite you to see the film, more for the power that images can move our consciousness to the criticism made by the fast food. It is compromised, being pessimistic but just get the message across to a few spectators to the other, completed the screening, go directly to dinner at McDonald, but there are situations against whom it is still very difficult to fight.

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1 Reviews about Fast Food Nation: Beyond junk food
on 30/09/2015
If any of you haven't seen the documentary titled "Fast Food Nation" I would highly recommend it. It really explains a lot of things, and puts it into perspective how sick our nation has become, because of this obsession with eating fast food. We have really lost touch with health.

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