Farewell to sauna during pregnancy Übung während der Schwangerschaft Adiós a la sauna durante el embarazo

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Farewell to sauna during pregnancy

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Farewell to sauna during pregnancy

Nothing better to relax you and forget about the problems than a good sauna. However, if you are pregnant, you must think twice before taking this bold decision, you should know that there are other healthier and safer options for your state, such as massage, yoga or tai-chi.

Talk to your doctor, you surely will find the option that suits you. You can even relax by listening to music, singing, painting, drawing, because even though pregnancy is one of the most beautiful experiences for women, it can also be the most stressful and exhausting.

Do not forget that every action you take will impact on growth and proper development of baby. That is why we recommend not to attend any session in sauna, even though you feel exhausted, sore, tired of the nausea, the vomiting, etc. For you and thousands of pregnant women who wonder why going to sauna is bad, here are these guidelines:

Pay close attention

High temperatures are dangerous for the growing baby, the heat in these environments can provoke a drop in blood pressure, causing that the baby gets less oxygen and nutrition.

One of the symptoms that can occur to you include dizziness and fainting, very dangerous in your state. Also, excessive sweating that can lead to dehydration and loss of electrolytes, which are salts involved in a biochemical and physiological processes of human beings.

Very hot water causes excessive dilation of blood vessels which increases significantly the work of the heart of the mother, who already makes a full effort because of the growing fetus. There is therefore a great risk of spontaneous abortion.

Even doctors recommend that the daily bathing of the pregnant woman should not exceed 37 ° C. One of the recommendations is that before entering the shower, verify that the water temperature does not exceed this value and don'y stay more than 10 minutes.

Irreversible damage

At any sign of alarm as feeling too hot, dizzy, weak or sweaty, or if you feel chills, extreme thirst, dry mouth or nausea, you should contact immediately with your doctor.

There are reported cases of women who were unaware of their status and in the first trimester of pregnancy went to a sauna or got exposed to temperatures above 38 °, unfortunately lost the baby, or even some women ended pregnancy apparently without problems, but they had a baby with birth defects.

Likewise, and without trying to create panic on this issue, the Spina Bifida Association of America in Washington, said in one of its official documents entitled "Genetics and Spina Bifida" that other uncommon factor that can also increase the chances of getting a baby with spina bifida is: Exposure to high temperatures in early pregnancy (eg., prolonged high fevers and using hot tubs and saunas for a long time). "

You do know now, do not despair, have patience and a good mood, enjoy your pregnancy. Despite the discomfort, remember that the priority is the health of the baby and finally, after nine months, you will have no better consolation than seeing this creature of angelic face needing you.

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2 Reviews about Farewell to sauna during pregnancy
on 19/02/2015
Yep. So true, no more saunas while pregnant, but I can't say I would want to sauna anyway - the body is much hotter with a child growing in it! My mom was pregnant - very pregrant - with my brother through the latter parts of July and early August, adn it was just tortuously hot for her every day.
on 08/12/2012
I was just searching for this kind of information, because my wife and I wanted to do trip to a special spa but she's in her second trimester, so know I know we have to wait or find another relaxing activity, we are taking a lot or care to bring a healthy baby and thanks to you I'm not going to commit a terrible mistake. Thank You.

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