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SoyNatura Fair: responsibility, commitment and sustainability

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SoyNatura Fair: responsibility, commitment and sustainability

The 2nd SoyNatura Fair will take place from 15 to 17 October 2010 in the Exhibition and Congress Centre Estepona. SoyNatura is a whole philosophy of life, well established in European societies, which has increasingly popular in Spain, as evidenced by the data of participation and success in the first edition of SoyNatura last year, with over 7000 visitors committed to the future of the planet.

And is that the XXI century has referred to the human being the challenge of sustainable development and the search for a model that respects the environment that will lead to real innovation, which takes us forward in quality of life.

An integrated space with nature

SoyNatura bet its second edition on the west coast of Malaga, with the election of Congress and Exhibition Palace Estepona. A privileged location facing the sea, multipurpose facilities that blend with nature. A palace surrounded by gardens and in communion with the environment in a dynamic city with excellent connections to a wider audience.

A space for professionals

SoyNatura is a sustainable place that promotes enterprises and initiatives in this line, promoting technological progress while living in harmony with the environment. Renewable energy, organic products, bio-construction, recycling and rural tourism are showing that further progress is possible without compromising tomorrow.

Promotes fair trade, direct meeting between producers, processors, distributors, retailers and professionals in the sectors committed to this philosophy of life, enabling market expansion and opening new avenues of economic development activity.

To this end, the professional will have available a broad program of "workshops" in which companies suppliers, major distributors and retailers of organic products can make contact and do business.

The offer is completed with the holding of seminars aimed for business people who try burning issues in relation to Organic Agriculture, Green Building, Environment or Health. With this type of activity, SoyNatura intend to be, throughout the year, a permanent forum for discussion among professionals and businesses in the city of Malaga Province.

A consumer space

SoyNatura promotes awareness and disseminates information about the products that advocate sustainability, acknowledging the possibilities that open up in the daily life of any person, something as simple as shopping, knowing that choosing one or the other product has its consequences.

They have created a great showcase for information, services and environment-friendly products, searching for their dissemination and social awareness. Ecology and demystifying approach to the public, because we are all important to the planet, because a small gesture helps and many gestures allow breakthroughs.

To this end, during the days of the show will be held workshops ,seminars and conferences on topical issues and industry trends dedicated to preserving the planet and the welfare of human beings.

A space for awareness

In today's society it is necessary to foster a commitment to preserve the planet of the abuses to which it was submitted, and has produced consequences.

The challenge of the twenty-first century is the awareness with the environment, developing an outreach and environmental education to promote the necessary changes in individual and collective behavior, so we can reach a harmonious relationship with the environment.

SoyNatura calls for a reunion with Mother Earth, making a work about responsible behavior of the planet thanks to the presence of entities, associations and institutions operating in the field of environmental education and awareness.

Because we only have one earth and it does not belong only to humans, SoyNatura acquires a clear commitment to the preservation of resources, workshops and conferences to promote collaboration with public and non-governmental organizations to develop and strengthen networking and communication in this regard.

An organized space

SoyNatura goes one step further into the concept of fair, structured around six major themes:

Bio Garden: Space for organic farming and medicinal plants, organic garden with authentic outdoor organic products.

Quality of Life: A space devoted to personal development and welfare of human beings, with workshops and talks given by prominent people in this sector. All keys and tools to achieve success and well being in our life, thanks to self-knowledge, self-efficacy and personal growth.

Sustainable Planet: Area to host everything related to sustainable development, such as bio-construction, responsible tourism, innovations for energy conservation or renewable energy. Outside the house will be sustainable, which will display the latest trends in biology. All of a role model for living in harmony with the environment.

Health Area: Area dedicated to everything related to health, alternative therapies, medicine, natural cosmetics, spa treatments and relaxation ... with a central area dedicated to demonstrations and workshops.

Eat Healthy: Restoration area dedicated to healthy eating, in which the public can enjoy organic food, vegetarian dishes, teas and juices ... a delicious respite in SoyNatura.

Natura kids: Space for family harmony and eco-responsibility and education, recreational activities and environmental education workshops for children and parents. Issues such as breastfeeding, natural childbirth, alternative education, organic babies, etc.

This distribution issue is completed with a general area dedicated to multiple sectors and projects. There you will find everything related to NGOs, crafts in the world, fair trade, etc.

2nd European Responsible Tourism

Tourism is undoubtedly one of the main pillars of the regional economy, a vital engine for development whose main challenge of future sustainability. Given the need to give a new approach to tourism and make adjustments to the realization of a more sustainable tourism held in Malaga, SoyNatura will held the international conference on Responsible Tourism. Thus, this interest will be more visible between different administrations and companies in Andalusia and Earth show to the network (European network) the enormous capacity of Malaga to develop in the field of CSR.

I Bio-construction Days and green architecture

Inhabiting the Earth without injury. The main challenge for the life of man consists in applying ecological criteria and future for their own works and buildings.

This is a place dedicated to spreading the use of materials with low environmental impact, recycled or highly recyclable, and removable by simple processes and low cost, for example, materials of vegetable origin or the earth itself as a construction material.


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2 Reviews about SoyNatura Fair: responsibility, commitment and sustainability
on 24/10/2014
So...there's a lot of talk about soy. Everything made from soy. Soy gas. Soy milk. Tofu. Soy beans. Soy sprouts. Everything! But I've heard there's been research on certain ill-effects of too much soy in the diet (seeing as how it promotes estrogen production). I've heard that too much soy is even linked to breast cancer. All in moderation!
on 01/04/2013
Oh, I wish I could be there on time, or I hope to visit one of those fair son, because I?m really interested in these topics about the Earth and methods to improve the way of living without affecting the environment or other living things like animals, which is very important if we want to live and maintain our raze for more time, so I find fascinating visiting fairs like this one,

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