Aragon Fair of sustainable development, biological and eco-tourism Fair Aragon nachhaltige Entwicklung, biologische und Öko-Tourismus Feria aragonesa de desarrollo sostenible, biológico y ecoturismo

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Aragon Fair of sustainable development, biological and eco-tourism

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Aragon Fair of sustainable development, biological and eco-tourism

Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 June celebrate a new edition of the Aragonese fair of sustainable development, biological and eco-tourism: Litago (Zaragoza) Ecological Fair

The fair is a platform for meeting, sharing, respect, discovery and presentation of viable initiatives for permanently incorporating the environment.

All this is possible with contributions and pledges of local authorities, assistance and cooperation of organizations that promote sustainable development and all those people who believe that can make something to support ECO MONCAYO.

To the traditional activities and horses, bicycles, segways, exhibitions, other activities joined such as concert Ainzón Municipal Band at the opening, self-awareness workshops, round table about different ways of farming and crops, bio workshops, etc.

And also, of course, as every year, food booths, crafts, renewable energy, holistic, bio, etc.

Objectives of Litago Fair

"Enhancing the awareness of Eco Moncayo in institutions, companies and professionals in general, actors who interact in it and those who inhabit it."

In two complementary areas: the business and interpretation.

In the business

  • Implement structures designed to promote the bio construction of clean energy generation, cisterns capture of rainwater and recycling of solid and liquid waste. 
  • Incorporate technological advances to housing, business and social activity.
  • Develop organic crops treated with organic fertilizer so that it is possible to provide annual program plans of crops in gardens; dimensioning the size of the greenhouse, and a plan that yield crops of vegetables all year round. 
  • Getting a household with less dependence.

In the Interpretation

  • The holistic perspective is essential, training, art, self-knowledge and techniques, exchange of experience and knowledge means that awareness with others is more alive, more cohesive and cooperative.
  • Both aspects are called Environment Complete. 

The Fair is an annual, but with non-permanent purposes. Therefore, it is implementing a sustainable bio business center to integrate small businesses in the area and incorporate their products and services to the commercial, local and foreign. Those companies that are not in the area provide products and services that are not here to facilitate the achievement of business goals and performance.

In this second edition of the fair will present the proposal for the establishment of a Centre for Sustainable Development Initiatives; business and interpretation. Includes implementation of an Internet portal to integrate synergies MONCAYO ECO agents and residents of Moncayo, such as:

  • Micro-enterprise biological incubator
  • Eco-Business Park
  • Bag offers sustainable bio 
  • Travel services, activities, dining, accommodations, tours, training, handicrafts, etc. from all bids to allow individuals and tour operators a wide range of proposals. To consolidate an interesting tourist dynamics.

Litago Fair is about Sustainable Development and Ecotourism Biological because it wants to show: 

  • Show products, services and concerns to the visitors or the inhabitants of Moncayo. 
  • Get to know what companies and professionals show elsewhere around the topics of the Fair. 
  • Generate proposals to facilitate the incorporation of the local business activities to prevent the depopulation of the territory.


Sustainable development considers the application of general knowledge to something concrete, while respecting the environment and future generations. 

Sustainability is a means of travel on the whole less dependent. 


Saturday June 26

12.15 p.m. Opening of the Fair 
"Concert" at the Plaza del Pilar shrine 
In charge of Ainzón Music Band

1.15 pm Workshop in the Municipal Pools 
Mild exercise and body awareness 
By Miguel Angel Ferruz "Kiniesologist"

3.00 pm "eco-tourism route" Around Litago 
Interpretation by the natural environment, variant birds. 
With the collaboration of Sodemasa Monitors.

4.00 pm Workshop "self improvement" in the hermitage of San Sebastian 
"Human Design" (For your nature and exploring yourself.) By Rashna Manero

5:45 p.m. "Roundtable" in the Church of the Assumption 
Types and techniques of organic farming, alternative for Sustainable Development in Moncayo. Different specialists

7:00 p.m. "Dance Contest" in the Fronton Plaza
Albeta - Bulbuente - Garrapinillos

7.15 p.m. "Eco-tourism route" Departure from City Hall 
"Ascension to the top of Moncayo to see the sunset" 
Horcajuelo Club.

8.30 pm "Talk Workshop" at the hermitage of San Sebastian 
Sustainable, Creative Network (Cooperation from the creative heart)

10.30 p.m. "Dinner Show" in the square of Fronton 
Moncayo Duo

Sunday June 27

8:45 a.m. "Route cultural echo" Route Becquer 
Out of the Cross Monastery Veruela Becquer. 
Oliphant organized with the participation of Ángel Guinda, Luigi Maraéz, Alim Hume, Anna Bona, Antonio Casas

11:00 a.m. "Autoconocimeinto Workshop" in the council room 
Biodanza (put more life in your life) 
Lacoma Rosabell

1.00 p.m. "Workshop" Green Building in the hermitage of San Sebastian 
Auto construction techniques, materials, models, 
By Fran Molina

2.00 p.m. "He conferred" Quantum Scio, in the chapel of Pilar 
"The technology at the service of the Armenian and personal balance" 
Carmen Ortiz Yorn

3.00 p.m. "Talk" Reflexology in the hermitage of San sebastian 
"Reflection of a global vision of human beings" 
By Marina Latorre

4.00 pm, "Workshop" self-knowledge, in the hermitage of San Sebastian 
Connection with the infinite. By Ana Sampietro

5.00 p.m. "Children's theater in the plaza of Fronton

5.30 pm "Talk and Workshop" Yoga in the hermitage of San Sebastian 
With Puppets Without Borders

6:00 p.m. "Conference" Eco poetic in the Church of the Assumption 
The errant eco Bécquer by Angel Guinda.

Becquer's poems sung 7.50 
by Luigi Maráez and Alima Huma 
Admission is free to all activities

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2 Reviews about Aragon Fair of sustainable development, biological and eco-tourism
on 24/10/2014
Oh how fun! I just love these conferences and fairs that are not only incredibly interesting and informative, but that are doing such great things for personal development and the evolution of humankind! What a great series of classes, I really would have liked to have been there. I have been to a few others that are similar, and I always leave feel high on life.
on 31/03/2013
It?s amazing to see how the fairs and event to recover the traditional ways of living and cropping are growing around all the whole world, I hope to see more motivated minds in the years that come and to look out for a new and nice planet that every person can enjoy.

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