Facial exercise routine: the ideal vs wrinkles, sagging and aging Gesichts-Routine: ideal gegen Falten und Alterung Rutina de ejercitación facial: la alternativa ideal vs arrugas, flacidez y vejez

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Facial exercise routine: the ideal vs wrinkles, sagging and aging

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Facial exercise routine: the ideal vs wrinkles, sagging and aging

There are equipment to strengthen the biceps, legs, chest and abdomen. But there is not a gym with separate cheekbones, strengthen the muscles of the eyelids, front, or around the lips, such as the chin.

The face has 57 muscles , and is curious to note that most people do not provide care in the exercise of these important facial muscles, attention usually focuses on rest of the body, the exercise routine to be exempt from facial, where are the muscles responsible for the mimic, the expression of facial emotions such as anger, joy, sadness, and so on. Thanks to these muscles we can smile and communicate many things, without them you could not chew, blink, talk or look around, you might not even have to blow out the candles on your birthday cake. Without the face muscles would be a kind of gelatin, and it is something very similar in what is becoming the skin over the years when there is a strong muscle and hold the trained and kept in place. It is when we begin to see the appearance of wrinkles and flabby face that then began to worry.

Why not dedicate, before all these consequences, a special session to face every day to keep fit and avoid losing firmness, smoothness and freshness.

What are the benefits of facial gymnastics?

Stimulates circulation, oxygenates the tissues, improves skin tone. In addition, the muscles exercise to increase their size, and face will be strong, defining characteristics.

How to start a session?

You start a facial exercise routine considering various alternatives or facial therapies that are truly formidable to reaffirm your face muscles and prevent wrinkles. Among these alternatives is the laugh , yoga and facial exercises, which are very easy and you can learn either through a good book, where you can learn to care about of the four groups of facial muscles as Epicraneals, obriculars, the eyes, mouth and nose. You can also follow these general tips that we give.


It is important that, whatever option you choose, take into account the importance that has to do with food and having a strong muscle. If you have deficiencies of vitamins, minerals, essential fats or proteins, so do your muscles and suffer immediately. Thus, you have to start by assessing whether you take a quality diet, i.e. include a daily fresh fruit and vegetables, preferably organic, which consume a lot of water and natural juices, which is rich in minerals. You must also often include foods such as brewer's yeast, pollen, seaweed, oilseeds and avoid the most refined sugar and all its derivatives.

Basic Exercise routine

Before performing this routine, clean and moisturize your face very well. It is best to wash with mineral water or to the routine after showering, when your face absorbs moisture, and to emphasize the results, we recommend you apply a little aloe gel to help the skin absorb nutrients while exercising. You can apply a cream or honey moisturizing mask, as well as any oil or grass essential oil. This will prevent the folds of your skin will hurt with the routine, and it will feed your face.


Wrinkles of the forehead: Support the tips of your fingers above the eyebrows. Up your eyebrows and has a gentle pressure on them. Repeat about three or four times for three seconds. Repeat the routine about 5 times.

Dark circles: with your ring finger, give small and soft taps in the area of dark circles, following the natural contour and back. The taps should be as fast as possible for one or two minutes. Another good exercise to avoid dark circles is putting your face right in front and then look to go looking up slowly, without raising your face. When you're facing up (without bothering you this position) blinks three times, slowly. Relax and repeat once more.

Eyelids: Avoid, when you bite your eyes, scrubing the skin of the eyelids. This is an extremely sensitive skin and breaks easily.

Chin: lie down on a tilted table (a table that is to lift one end at approximately 45 degrees from the floor). Put your head in the bottom of the table and head upward until your chin touches the chest and go back to the starting position. Repeat 10 times, when you feel it does not work increase.

Cheekbone: either shut your mouth, then blow your cheeks filled with air as you can to inflate like a balloon. At this time tries to touch your tongue to the right side, do not deflate the cheeks, and then left. Repeat this movement at least 10 times.

Crow's feet: place your middle finger and place it at the height of the corner of your eye. Then gently press from that position to the root of your hair. Return to starting position gently. Repeat about 5 times. It is also good to tap into this area with your ring finger, applying a bit of honey, where have these wrinkles.

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1 Reviews about Facial exercise routine: the ideal vs wrinkles, sagging and aging
on 17/09/2014
Perfect! I'm really glad to see that there are alternate remedies that avoid creams and additives and chemicals to apply to the skin. I can only imagine that this would be toxic to the skin, and I'm glad to see that there are options that attack the "problem" at the root, which would be lack of circulation.

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