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Eye Contour

The eyes are the thermometer that marks the state of the individual: health, insomnia, stress, and mood, reflected in the skin that surrounds them.

Skin around the eyes is the most fragile and sensitive to the entire face but the advantage of this area is that the products penetrate better and faster, as the skin around it is extremely thin and fragile.

Products specific to the contour of your eyes have to overcome plenty of evidence including eye and skin irritation or allergy, and most have a slight tensor and soothing, decongestant, stimulating and firming effect; creams are generally richer and more pleasant than the gels. Their formulas are tailored to the specific skins nourishing, moisturizing and softening, plus restoring elasticity and providing protection.

The skin around the eyes gets older sooner due to extreme weakness against external attack and the intense mobility of the muscles. To whatever type of skin, it is desirable to prevent them as soon as possible and protect this weak skin with creams that are both hydrating, protective and regenerant.

Thin and sensitive skin, unprotected from sebaceous glands, prone to aging, is subjected to constant movement with the blink (about 10,000 times a day) and with specific problems such as bags and dark circles. Do not conform to extend the face cream for this area, it is best to use a cream specifically for the eye contour.

Since 30s, you must included in your daily care an eye contour cream, whose formulas are best suited to prevent and treat their problems: light, with a high concentration of assets and revitalizing decongestants, and substances that might cause allergies.

Applying the contours of eyes 

With clean skin, apply an amount equivalent to one grain of rice and spread with fingertip across the eye contour area. Be careful as the product can penetrate into the eye causing irritation.

When applying eye contour

Morning and evening after treatment of facial cream, with light taps from the inside out.

The three main factors that affect the eyes are dark circles, bags and sagging of the eyelids. Thanks to a unique treatment you can reduce the presence of these mitigating factors and the marks of expression.

The origin of the bags is water retention, which causes swelling of tissues, and some cosmetic products can be effective if the bags are light and mild circulatory problem. Without any relation to the stock exchanges, the eyelids may be swollen upon waking after a night of little sleep or after sleeping much. One solution is to apply life-ice or a cold wet cloth, but now there are specific products to help relieve these products that are also very good when you have irritated eyes and reduce redness and calm. The origin of dark circles, by contrast, is due to hyperpigmentation of the skin, or a retention of blood from a poor circulatory system as they contain plant extracts which improve blood circulation and that succeed in reducing.
There are also firming creams to prevent and delay the problem of droopy eyelids or some invisible patches that stick to the skin, raising the lid all day.

Other recommendations

  • For the product to penetrate better, spread with circular massage with the tips of the ring finger.
  • Avoid reactions, choosing products without perfume, but containing painkiller properties. Help drain and activate blood circulation, using products with fresh ingredients.
  • Never forget to take off makeup of eyes at night.
  • If the problem is swelling of the eyelids, a simple solution is the application of chamomile as it has calming and soothing qualities. In both cases, for the protection and hydration of the area, we recommended the implementation of a specific treatment cream.

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2 Reviews about Eye Contour
on 18/09/2014
I was just reading an article the other day about inclined tables, and it talked about how it promoted circulation to the scalp, brain, and other regions of the body. Do you think that using an inclined table would noticeably improve the health and appearance of your eyes as well. It sounds like it should....
on 09/03/2014
When you are getting older you tart to see the wrinkles in your face and specially in your eyes, you see them and are not nice at all, since they remember you didn?t have care as young to protect from the sun and things like that, well, maybe it is not too late for other women who want to change their look in the next years

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