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Extremely effectiven remedy against skin fungi

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Extremely effectiven remedy against skin fungi

Can’t stand the itching? Is Fungi still there even tough you’ve tried everything? Is your skin irritated and damaged? All this is caused by small skin fungus, which usually occurs due to infections, constant moisture and excess heat in the skin, poor diet, stress or anxiety prolonged or poor hygiene.

There are many ways to make them disappear, and yet it seems that these microscopic organisms are not so easy to eradicate, they give a lot of trouble and sometimes can appear again. But do not be discouraged, that the intention is the most powerful will, and if you really want to maintain them away from your life, do not hesitate to try these remedies that might surprise you.

Before starting the treatment

You should note that many of the remedies against fungi do not work because you lose patience and think they do not work and then switch to another ointment or solution, which lengthens and even aggravates the problem.

While pharmacy ointments and solutions can come to soothe the problem, nothing beats the natural way to get rid of them, since pharmaceutical products often do not eradicate the problem and tend to irritate the skin.

The key to eradicate the fungi

The key to disappear it is to be patient and follow the recommendations until the fungus disappears. Follow the treatment for two or three months to prevent that fungus comes back, although at this time you should lower the doses.

Types of fungi: fungi may appear in the nails, skin, hands, genitals, scalp (dandruff), etc.

Symptoms of fungi are: irritated skin, peeling, itching, red area of skin, etc.

Remember one thing: no fungus can persist in an environment that does not feed it. So remove the conditions that keep it alive.

Guide to eradicate fungi naturally

To begin the battle, you should prepare this special tonic:

You need:

  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • White vinegar
  • Alcohol (which is normally used for disinfection)
  • Juice of half a lemon squeezed


Put into a clean and dark bottle. Put the ingredients in equal parts and mix well. Add the lemon at the end.

Method of application:

You need to have on hand:

Chamomile tea bags

Make a chamomile tea in a cup of boiling water. Let chamomile soak a minute and then remove. Squeeze well and then soak the bag in the same solution with alcohol and apply over the affected area, avoid rubbing the skin, but put the tea bag up and lift it up to relocate. Go dipping the tea bag as needed, until the skin is covered with this lotion.

Repeat this twice a day and let the lotion dry and stay on your skin for fifteen minutes. Before bed, repeat the procedure, and leave it there all night, without washing. If you want to treat dandruff, get your scalp wet one hour before bedtime and let dry thoroughly before bed.

You should:

  • Keep the affected area dry and ventilated.
  • Do not scratch.
  • Do not use soaps or ointments, with this remedy it is sufficient.
  • Do not bathe with very hot water.
  • Wear cotton and unadjusted clothes.
  • Avoid stress and tension.
  • Maintain a balanced diet.
  • Try to observe during treatment if there is something that irritates you or your feelings of guilt, because these emotions influence the development of fungi.
  • Maintain patience and perseverance and don’t miss a day in the application of this tonic. You can make one liter bottle and store in refrigerator to keep it cool. Remember to cover it well so it does not evaporate the alcohol.
  • Chamomile is important because it is a very effective emollient for the skin and will prevent your skin from drying and damage by the application of alcohol.
  • Avoid putting oils or greasy creams near the affected area.

To expedite the processing

If you combine this treatment with a diet where you include raw garlic on an empty stomach, which is an excellent natural antibiotic and antifungal, it’s better. Increase the consumption of vegetables rich in vitamin C, they help your body to purge toxins and be cleaner inside, in addition, this will reinforce your immune system and fight the fungus from the inside as well. We recommend you to take daily aloe juice mixed with carrot juice.

Do not forget to work with stress, as stress and emotions lead to fungal irritation on the skin. I recommend you read the book You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay.

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2 Reviews about Extremely effectiven remedy against skin fungi
on 13/02/2015
Oh man! I wish I had read this or heard about this a few years ago. I got this really weird rash on my hands when I was studying abroad in Argentina. This doctor prescribed me a very strong anti-fungal cream that actually iritated my skin even more, and I'm not sure it was even that effective.
on 04/12/2012
Hey, I think fungus is something that can happen to all of us even though you have a good hygiene, it happened to me as well, but instead of using natural remedies I took some pills that gave me some kind of problems with my skin and my entire body. Natural products are always better.

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