Extremadura is part of the Spanish Federation of Ecological Enterprises Extremadura und Teil des spanischen Verbands der Öko-Unternehmen Extremadura ya forma parte de la Federación Española de Empresas Ecológicas

» » » Extremadura is part of the Spanish Federation of Ecological Enterprises

Extremadura is part of the Spanish Federation of Ecological Enterprises

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Extremadura is part of the Spanish Federation of Ecological Enterprises

The Organic Association of Extremadura (EMPRECOEX) is already part of the Spanish Federation of Ecological Companies with intent to remain on the sidelines of the movement nationally and internationally.

So the president of EMPRECOEX has spoken, Juan Jesus Collado, at the signing ceremony of accession which presented chairman of the Federation, Francisco Robles, and the Director for Agriculture and Trade of the Junta de Extremadura, Juan Carlos Antequera and David Carmona of The Spanish Federation.

The ORGANIC PRODUCTS SPANISH COMPANY is a professional non-profit national level for advocacy, representation and promotion of the interests of Spanish companies producing officially certified organic food. The incorporation of Extremadura has been added to the rest of the member associations: Catalonia: Associació de Productors, Elaboradors I Comercializadors Product Agroalimentaris Ecologics (APECPAE): La Rioja: Riojana Professional Association of Organic Agriculture (ARPA - ECO); Navarra: Association of Organic Agriculture in Navarra (AEN); Andalusia Enterprises Association with organic products from Andalusia (EPEA)

Collado has described the sector of organic agriculture as one of the "dynamic" with respect to the food sector both at regional, national and even community.

President of FEPECO considered essential that both the administration and associations which bring together environmental firms are at the same table to discuss issues of interest in the development of this sector.

Robles has offered a comparison between 2000 and 2005, according to data from the Ministry of Agriculture, in which processors of products related to organic agriculture increased from 666 to 1764, producers increased from 13,400 to 15,693, and something that Robles has highlighted, from 380,000 hectares in 2000 now in 2005 there are 807,000 hectares.

These data follow an "exponential" trend if we refer to the area and the producers.

One solution would be a situation in which the organic industry is organized, articulate and involved with management to develop strategies that lead the organic agriculture sector to a greater increase in the consumption of these products.

For his part, Director of Agriculture of the Junta de Extremadura, Juan Carlos Antequera, has reported the launch of a Strategic Plan for Organic Agriculture, one of the agreements reached in the Extraordinary Council meeting of the Board of Extremadura in the town of Torrehermosa. This plan will create awareness in consumers about this type of farming, while it will establish training plans, lines of insurance for the agricultural sector, but especially in the further investigation of this type of agriculture. .

Director of Trade, David Carmona, has said that the Spanish Federation of eco lobby is imposed as a state that is known to cause around the country which has the potential in the region to organic agriculture because it is the second region area.

In the same way it has shown its intention with the 63 companies that make up the Board of Organic Agriculture within the Ecological Association of Extremadura, and to also form part of the Spanish Federation of Ecological Enterprises.

Also note that partnering is the best way to carry and move the huge potential of the Ecological Association of Extremadura to all consumers.

Source: Vida Sana

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2 Reviews about Extremadura is part of the Spanish Federation of Ecological Enterprises
on 27/11/2015
It's so inspiring to read about the progress that Spain is making in organic agriculture, adn the fact that they actually have a Federation for organic enterprises. I would love to see the US move somewhere in that direction, but it looks like big agriculture wins out nearly every time
on 05/01/2014
Spain is a great place full of important products that reach even here, so the plans to improve it should be done immediately since we all are consumers of those products and they need to be the best quality to get what we want, a healthy and nice lifestyle

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