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Extremadura: an example to follow

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Extremadura: an example to follow

According to data provided by the area of Organic Agriculture, Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine Environment, Extremadura is one of the autonomous communities excels in area under organic agriculture. 

According to the head of the institution referred to above, Mr Luis Cornejo, of which one million hectares in the country to these products, about 65,000 are in the region which puts it in second place after Andalusia, which is at the top with half a million hectares.

This information comes from Caceres, who carried out few days in which various experts analyze the quality of these products, "whose consumption is still low among the people", say.

In relation to Extremadura, Cornejo also stressed that the 65,000 hectares devoted to organic agriculture, about half are olive "although there are all the products" , from wine to meat through fresh fruit or nuts.

Inside information is also notable that in Extremadura, 20000 Enterprises exist throughout Spain, some 3,600 are registered in the region and they , most of the primary sector, i.e. farms , which only 88 are processors and distributors of organic products.

The Spanish Federation of Business in Organic Products (Fepeco) which brings together six business associations from around the Spanish territory is organizing the conference. From there it took the opportunity to present a study that has done and reveals that "the quality of organic products is remarkable" explained Fepeco secretary, José María González Viton.

Day activities

The conference, taking place in the Cultural Complex San Francisco , began with the presentation of the study quality Fepeco (The Spanish Federation of Business in Organic Products) made on organic products, and continue with a presentation on situation of organic agriculture in Extremadura that will be borne by the teacher of UEX, Juana Labrador, and the head of the National Center for I D + Organic Agriculture Plasencia, Maria Ramos.

During the first day of the conference were tastings to the participants of organic products and tours to the gardens of the Ribera del Marco Caceres of which are dedicated to this crop and are managed by the People's University. Finally, the mayor of Arroyo de la Luz, Saints Day, presented the project in local cooperative on organic garden.

On its second day, the day began with a roundtable with several restaurateurs as Pablo Medrano, restaurant Oquendo of Caceres, Fernando Barcena or the Aldebaran de Badajoz. There were also events such as workshops and exhibitions of children's environmental firms and their products.

Source: Reuters

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1 Reviews about Extremadura: an example to follow
on 30/06/2015
It's always a good idea to look at other countries or regions and see what exactly it is that they are doing wel, or on teh other hand, what they are doing poorly. I think that's the quickest way to learn adn to make improvements, because someone else has already tried it!

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