Andalusian Organic Exports to Switzerland increase 40% in 2006 Die Exporte von Bio-Produkte aus Andalusien in die Schweiz stiegen 40% im Jahr 2 Las exportaciones ecológicas andaluzas a Suiza subieron un 40% en 2006

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Andalusian Organic Exports to Switzerland increase 40% in 2006

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Andalusian Organic Exports to Switzerland increase 40% in 2006

Sales of food products certified under the brand CAAE (Andalusian Committee of Organic Food) in Switzerland increased by 40% during 2006, totaling 1,589,308 pounds sold. Horticultural products were the most popular in the Alpine country, reaching 1,123,138 pounds, which represents more than 70.6% of total exports. The product of the garden "with the highest volume of sales” was the lettuce, followed by broccoli.

The strawberries and citrus fruits were the most ecological sold in Switzerland in 2006 with a 53.25% and 24.5% respectively from a total of 454,258 kilos of fruit exported.

Regard to the export of organic products that are produced, the increase in sales of organic oil in 2006 reached 7804 pounds, compared to 4,800 sold in Switzerland in 2005.

The consumption of organic products in Switzerland is now 10% and an expense of about 105 euros per inhabitant per year, which ranks as the largest consumer per inhabitant per year. Spain's per capita spending on organic food is still between 3.5 and 6 euros per year.

Switzerland ranks fifth among the countries importing products under the brand CAAE in Europe after Germany, France, UK and Holland. Organic farmers to bring their products to Switzerland must obtain Bio-Suisse certification that ensures compliance with its standards for organic products. CAAE Association maintains a cooperation agreement with Bio-Suisse to offer operators the management of this certification, as well as necessary in other countries (U.S. NOP, JAS and Eurepgap for Japan for the EU).

In the latest edition of the 2007 World's Fair BioFach in Nuremberg (Germany), the ASAC Bio-Suisse Association reached a partnership agreement to facilitate and increase the activities of companies in Switzerland ASAC and the exchange of experiences and knowledge between Swiss and Spanish companies.

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2 Reviews about Andalusian Organic Exports to Switzerland increase 40% in 2006
on 23/10/2014
Wow! I had no idea. I would have thought that per capita Spain would have a larger people to land ratio, but maybe that's not the question here. Maybe because Switzerland has a much colder climate they have decided to import foods. But I think there are a lot of ways to adapt to growing vegetables in colder climates still...
on 01/12/2013
I find this as a very good idea, I live in Uk and enjoy many of the products that come from the spain country and they are pretty good, now that you are sure that the products are certified and are great for the health too, so keep on going with those measures

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