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ExpoBioBienestar 2006

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ExpoBioBienestar 2006

ExpoBioBienestar is the meeting point for understanding and for all those interested in living better, to live with those who develop and offer products and services targeted to welfare as a market place expansion. It is a time and place to meet and foster linkages, enhancing the image and reality of the sector, giving organicity and integration, and also open up opportunities for those who have not yet explored the possibilities, values and benefits of care seeking a more strongly welfare.

ExpoBioBienestar is an unprecedented event: is the space to provide in a healthy frame of joy a more complete, harmonious and integrated well-being of the vast world to promote awareness and respect for healthy and conscious living.

It is, in short, an opportunity to let us know the public and recognize our demands, receive and analyze tenders, products and services available today to help us supplement our well-being.

ExpoBioBienestar aims to provide integrated and complementary alternatives to the welfare and ways of living, concentrating information and personal contact with manufacturers, distributors, promoters, operators, professionals and practitioners, and between themselves.

We will know how many share our philosophy, who are in the sector, which are their sensitivity to it, how much is capacity mobilization and how is shared, where services are located, where is the supply and demand of the products, how are consumers acting, what are its values, etc.

Learning, exploration and growth, the results will be more in this first major event, with the most accurate information on how many of us invest, and how include: Professional Alternative Health Care, Natural Products, biological or ecological, in Personal Development, Spiritual Search in Services and Professional Practice, to facilitate and improve our quality of life for ...feel good, maintaining well.

The 2006 is the year of the Natural Health, Wellness and Quality of Life. Because ExpoBioBienestar comes in 2006 to contribute to this, being from now on, the most important and decisive benchmark for the sale and promotion of concepts, products and services for a natural life consciously presented as a feast of color where you find:

  • Natural Products
  • Food, Diet and Beauty
  • Methods, practices and Natural Treatments
  • Life Fitness Equipment & Instruments
  • Places and Destinations
  • Architecture and Design
  • Thinking and Outreach
  • Spiritual Life

This unprecedented event will be a milestone in what happened in 2006. To this end, the International Exhibition Center in Caracas, CIEC, Universidad Metropolitana, will host over November 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th, this first edition, which seeks to integrate and structure this new and booming industry and help achieve their goals in terms of recognition, sales and contacts with their government.

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1 Reviews about ExpoBioBienestar 2006
on 01/12/2015
This sounds great! I'm a big fan of learning about alternate ways of living, which is probably why I'm so interested in past civilizations as well. I think there are a lot of things we can learn from our ancesstors, and a lot we can learn from expos like this one.

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