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Experiment: 100% organic feed

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Experiment: 100% organic feed

A pediatrician and writer decided to experiment with his own life and was fed exclusively with organic food during 3 years.

Dr. Alan Greene, pediatrician and author of Danville, California, has not eaten for the past 3 years, nothing but organic food, both when cooking at home and when eating dinner or something on the street.

While now he recognizes that he has more energy and wake up before; also states that "There is a way of eating that you can recommend to anyone because as it is far from traditional grilled foods, " and adds:" was much more problematic than I thought. There were days where I could not find anything organic," said the doctor of 49 years, founder of a website on children's health, drgreene.com.

With regard to changes in his life after the experience said that now he is rarely sick, especially considering that he is a pediatrician, children are exposed regularly to sick, so he was used to contract several diseases every year.

Doctor elected within three years because it is the time it takes for an animal in obtaining organic certification which gives the Department of Agriculture. While those who grow food to meet environmental regulations every day, Dr. Green asked if a person could meet the same standards, and has not been easy.

What makes the remarkable experiment of Dr. Greene, is the duration, the time devoted to him and his effort to introduce organic food to the routines of life. His findings offer new insights of the problems faced by the sector of organic food and those who want to adopt this kind of life.

Remember that organic farmers do not use conventional methods to fertilize soil, control weeds and pests or prevent diseases in livestock, but avoid the use of fertilizers and chemicals to produce and develop their products .

Side B: high prices

The less pleasant outcome of this experiment was the money. The fact is that organic methods often lead to higher costs, and reach consumers pay double for food of this category compared with conventional products. In that respect, the financial advice website SmartMoney.com reported, for example, to feed eight people with a traditional meal of Thanksgiving Green, a buyer would have to pay $259,36, a minimum of 126.35, or 75% more, compared to a normal holiday meal.
Meanwhile, Dr. Greene said that to lower the cost of an organic diet had to reduce consumption of meat"Whenever you move up the food chain, the costs accumulate, " and adds: " If you do not eat meat at every meal, the meat becomes an auxiliary plate and not the centerpiece, you can fill your plate with healthy organic food more or less for the same price, " ends.

Dr. Greene said that he was starting a diet after speaking with an organic dairy farmer who had noticed that cattle is less sick after having introduced these environmentally friendly practices in their food and care. It was asked if Green could get 100% to improve their own health.

Another interesting thing to have in mind is that "a few people are aware that organic means have no pesticides, antibiotics or hormones," said. The biggest surprise of the whole experience was that many people still do not know what is "organic". " in stores or restaurants around the country, if questions if something is organic, half the time the answer ir: You mean vegetarian ?".

Source: Johnta Tierney / NYT - Gaceta.es / Ecoalimenta.com

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2 Reviews about Experiment: 100% organic feed
on 30/07/2014
One of the other benefits of eating a strictly organic diet is that we also cut out all processed and refined foods, like white sugar and refined grains. I'm sure eating organic, and thereby reducing chemical exposure, has a great impact on overall health, but so does eliminating sugars and junk food from the diet as well. I would think these results would be impossible to separate
on 26/08/2013
The importance of knowing what an organic food or product is has win space in these last years since I read this and in the previous years, many people confused organic with vegetarian, and nothing more wrong than this statement, you can find organic meat too, but just as the article explains, it is a little bit expensive because of the quality

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