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Exhibitions and speeches about organic products

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Exhibitions and speeches about organic products

If organic farming and organic products are of interest, here we compile the latest news on events that will surely be of interest.

Candelas Fair in Palencia

The agricultural and livestock fair in Las Candelas, in Saldaña (Palencia), opens its present edition with a major innovation: the organic products. 

During the fair is expected that about 12,000 people visit it, attracted largely by curiosity for organic products. So far attendance at the fair has been more than satisfactory.

Another novelty was the presentation of the latest technologies in milk vending machines, which were first introduced in the province of Palencia. These vending machines of fresh and pasteurized milk have been developed by a cooperative leader, based in the town of Pineapple Fields.

Furthermore, the program Shared Responsibility Agriculture (Arco) was introduced, which promotes agricultural organization in order to promote direct sales of organic products. Under the plan, the fair has received a good sample of organic producers who wanted to showcase their products, such as buckwheat, flax, beef, chicken, fruit and vegetables from the garden and dairy products like cheese.

Puerto Lumbreras shares in the fair "Fruit Logistica"

The City Council of Puerto Lumbreras participates in the International Fair "Fruit Logistica" in Berlin which takes place between 3 and 5 February. The event was attended by the mayor, Pedro Antonio Sanchez, accompanied by the councilman of Agriculture, Water and Parish, Jose Maria Parra.

During their visit, the representatives of the municipality have submitted Farming Campaign that promotes consistory, and that has enabled a substantial increase in this production in the county, reaching 12% of the local agricultural area with more than 1,200 hectares.

According to Sanchez's statements, " City Council is taking concrete action to improve the marketing of organic products, with the aim of strengthening the development and growth of the organic farmers in the municipality. With the participation of the consistory and companies in the International Fair "Fruit Logistica", which aim to increase the volume of contacts and explore new commercial networks for this new agricultural model.

During "Fruit Logistica", considered the most important ecological horticultural event in the world, the mayor has expressed pride in the work that the city has undertaken in recent years: "Puerto Lumbreras is a village engaged in agriculture and the environment. What I propose in Organic Farming Campaign is to present a new option that makes it more self-sufficient and independent from agricultural enterprises, which brings both economic and environmental benefits through sustainable production”.

Speech on Ecological Consumption in Albacete

On Feb. 9th, The Higuerela, Albacete, has an informative talk directed to consumers about the consumption of organic products.

It will be held in the Lecture Hall of the 18'30h council, and Ecoagroculturas staff will have participation in technical project and others involved in local agro-ecological projects.

Furthermore, along the 8th, 9th and 10th of February 2010 are going to develop in the provinces of Cuenca and Albacete various events within the awareness campaign for producers / consumers and as / as available to the project Ecoagroculturas. These events are being organized in cooperation with local groups of Ecologists in Action, and integrated with other local authorities also in the Alliance for Food Sovereignty of the People (ASAP) in Castilla-La Mancha.

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2 Reviews about Exhibitions and speeches about organic products
on 25/10/2014
This article was written quite some time ago, but I'm gald to see it happened. I would hope that we (as in the world, human kind) continue to do similar outreach and education programs. It's just crazy to me that we still haven't really adapted to the knowledge we have about pesticides being harmful.
on 07/05/2013
This is old, but I hope that more things like this one are having place in these days too and with more intensity, the world needs it and needs it now, so making the people more conscious is main thing that we should be concerned about, thanks for the information too

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