Exercises to strengthen the body, mind and spirit Übungen zur Stärkung der Körper, Geist und Seele Ejercicios para fortalecer el cuerpo, el ánimo y el espiritu

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Exercises to strengthen the body, mind and spirit

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Exercises to strengthen the body, mind and spirit

Whether to tighten the abdomen or exercise legs, or if we want our blood flow better or oxygenation, even if we feel ready for any mood or celebration night. The body movement is one of the largest natural stimulants for the body. The body seems to tend to move when we are not bad, sad or depressed. However, physical activity, the pure body movement can be of great help to invigorate and harmonize not only our bodies but our emotional states of depression. The key point is to take the initiative to decide what we want to achieve with the exercise at some point, and then begin to move the body with such intensity.

Move to raise morale and strengthen the spirit

If you feel depressed, anxious or apathetic, is highly recommended that you begin a routine of movement, so that your body and mind are circulating a new energy. If you leave a lot to bring these states of depression and apathy, they are growing stronger. Remember that your attention is powerful, is to overcome the desire to direct your body into the mood you want. So make an effort and start by choosing what you will attract more of the following alternatives. Keep in mind that making any of them will make you rest better at night, improve your circulation and strengthen your body in general.

Dance: moving with lively music is one of the best ways to begin to dispel depression or apathy. The ideal is to get a dance group and dance to get there, but if this is not possible you can start at home. Use the radio or some music you have there, and then let go. If you have never danced you may feel embarrassed or things like that. But believe me: dancing alone dramatically stimulates the confidence, courage and, above all, a very vigorous body.

Practice yoga or a martial art: This type of practice, through postures, body movements and breathing properly, help us release tension in the body or charges that may be obstructing our vitality.

Walking or jogging alone: going out and walk for half an hour each day is a very relaxing therapy. While walking blood and energy circulate our body, when it is practiced alone stimulates our thinking, our sense of consideration and creativity. If you perform in a park, it is much better.

Exercises to strengthen the body

Strengthen and beautify your feet and legs: running twenty minutes a day and clibbing stairs. Find a place that has seen many and add every day little by little over two or three steps. If you do not have stairs available, take a small stool on the size of a step down and upload it and counting how many times you do, so that you gradually increase the number of times. For the legs is also ideal biking. Seek to bring good sports shoes and to prevent injuries and keep your feet healthy.


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4 Reviews about Exercises to strengthen the body, mind and spirit
on 28/08/2014
Very good exercises, thanks for the advice. I have been doing a lot more yoga lately (I have ran and biked a lot the past few years, and just recently switched to yoga), and have noticed what a beautiful impact it has on flexibility, bodily control, and upper body toning. These really are wonderful excerices, and some of them are new to me, so I'll definitely try them out!
on 08/10/2013
I noted that my chest is not like it used to be, the years have taken many of my attributes and now I am wishing to change this, but not with surgery or bad option like that, but with exercise and maybe a diet to help the exercise work better. The last exercise is pretty interesting and I think it will work very well to me! Thanks
on 21/03/2009
gracias por los consejos
on 16/08/2008
muy buenos estos ejercicios,.... muchas gracias
los he practicado y ahora mesiento mucho mejor

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