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Exercises to mark your abdomen

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Exercises to mark your abdomen

The challenge of having a defined abdomen is not just about vanity, as a strong abdomen is a sign of strength for your whole body.

The abdominals are muscles that we all possess; however, we do not always “show” them. If you want to define these muscles then you need to follow a series of recommendations and an exercise routine to get it.

Farewell to the fat

There is a fat layer under the skin which covers the waist circumference. Even though we work and strengthen these muscles, they cannot be seen because they are hidden behind the fat layer.

Cardio is required to burn fat, but strength training helps us to gain muscle, increasing our energy expenditure, so that we burn more calories even while resting. Doing at least four hours of cardio per week should be part of your routine. It is also recommended that you include a balanced diet to lose weight.

15 or 20 minutes of cardio is recommended after your strength or weight routine. Vary the intensity and try to reach high intensity peaks. Jumping rope, using the treadmill, or ellipticals are good examples of cardiovascular activity.


Bending helicopter:

On the ground, take a pushup position and perform a push-up without touching the ground, rise and lean on one arm, raising one of your arms upright, slightly turning your waist. Repeat.

Lift dumbbells:

Stand with your feet slightly open a little more than the width of your hips, hold a dumbbell in one of your arms, bend your knees, lifting up your arm in which you are holding the dumbbell and stretch. Bend your arms and legs again, descending, for repetition.

Abdominal stabiliser exercises

Hand to contrary foot:

Position yourself lying on your palms and the tips of your feet; lift your hips, stretching your arms and legs.
Turn your waist, bringing your hand to the opposite foot and back. Perform the same activity with your opposite arm.

Turning with fitball:

Lie on your back with your knees bent. While holding something in your hands (such as a ball), turn your arms and waist trying to keep a stable pelvic girdle. By keeping your body stable, the abdomen makes a greater effort, which is reflected in greater work out.

Side shift:

Lie face down on a mat, resting your weight on the balls of your feet and your forearms.

Move your body to the side with your forearms, make sure the work is concentrated in your abdomen.

Support in a sofa or chair:

Put yourself on a support, carrying your weight on the palm of your hands and put your arms straight.
Stretch your legs by contracting your abdomen.

Abdominal contractions

For the first exercise, position yourself with your palms and knees on the floor.

Contract your abdominal muscles, keeping your back straight and holding for a few seconds. Take several breaths with your diaphragm, expanding your chest with every inhale.

In the second exercise, lie face down. Raise your abdomen and contract the muscles, without it touching the ground. Keep this position for several seconds, relax, and do it again.

Beware of the crunches

Although you can include them in the routine, it is a common mistake to believe that the more crunches you do, the sooner you will see results. The most successful is to perform 15 to 20 slow repetitions, always being careful about posture to avoid any injury that may occur, such as in the back.

Always watch your posture during the exercise and do not carry out the activity neglectfully. It is preferable to perform fewer repetitions than to perform the exercises with an unfavorable position.

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5 Reviews about Exercises to mark your abdomen
on 28/04/2016
As I´m not a great fan of "beauty norms", I would this article is a little two-dimensional in its subject choice as there are many people who are very lean and fit who just do not have "marked abdomen" muscles. To have a six-pack or "marked" abdomen is something we are shown in magazines on how we are supposed to look according to beauty norms, but everyone is different and I really appreciate that variety.
on 07/07/2014
Great article - especially the advise about crunches. I've found that doing a large variety of exercises, including the bicycle, crunches, rotating crunches, leg lifts, plus tossing some different variety in does a great job. I think the key is to work until it just burns so hard, and then take a break. If you have it in you, do another set or two, but make sure to take breaks in between. You'll get more done that way.
on 03/05/2014
if -i can look like the guy in the picture this is magic, but let's try for once and see what happens...
on 04/08/2013
Thanks for sharing these exercises, I'm glad to see something easy to perform that helps me to improve my body especially my abdominals since I want to surprise my girlfriend and everybody in the beach in the summer, so thank you very much and it is time to get ready and work! starting from tomorrow, diet and exercise
on 27/06/2013
I have tried doing many repetitions of crunches to mark my abdominals and this had results in me but I have heard that many people find it difficult because they just get tired really soon and the results appear with the time, so I think this has to do with the person and the body of course, well, but it?s true you have to take care of the position or you could have a really bad problem.

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