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Exercises to keep weight

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Exercises to keep weight

Do you want to lose weight but do not know which exercise is for you? Physical activity helps to burn calories, gain muscle, favoring our fitness and improving our health, however, there are different types of activities that we can do, then, I will list some of them and the benefits they provide to our body. Just as the ideal way to practice them.


Viewed from any angle, walking is a good exercise, because it is simple, requires no expensive equipment and anyone can do it, without any special skills or training. It does less damage to joints and muscles than jogging, but anyway it tones the heart and lungs.

Walk enough to cover between 5.5 to 6.5 kilometers per hour. Do firm steps and move your arms from side to side, ensuring that your entire body works.

Start with short distances, especially if you're overweight or sedentary. Make it your goal to cover more distance in every walk, since a research has shown that people burn about the same calories if they walk the same distance.


Jogging presents problems that do not occur in the walking with joint injuries and painful tendons or ankle sprains. The jogging is not advisable for people with obesity problems or very overweight. But if you like, start with walking interspersed with jogging to increase your strength.

A modest career of 3 miles a day will keep your body in good condition and can be accomplished in less than half an hour. You need a good pair of running shoes. Try jogging on grass or soft ground, because the concrete has a high impact on the joints. Always start with a 5 minutes of warm up. Jumping on a mini trampoline offers the same benefit as running, but in the privacy of your home.

Aerobics or reductive gym

Signing a fitness club or joining group classes is a good way to ensure your exercise in the sedentary world. Start with the beginner class to prevent muscle soreness and increase your attendance at 3 or 4 times a week. To avoid boredom, try various kinds of low-impact aerobics to achieve fitness without jumping or running,

Follow the directions of the instructor and try to copy exactly the exercises to prevent injuries.


Cycling offers one of the best cardiovascular work and burn calories while you have a ride. A static bike is good for a busy person, but it takes a lot of motivation to use regularly.

If you have a bike of 3 speeds or less, go 10 kilometers per hour. If you have a 10-speed bicycle, do not change the speed often. Trained cyclists usually cover about 40 miles in 1 and a half hour, which means that they ride at a speed of about 25 kilometers per hour. If you're going uphill or against the wind, pedal faster or increase resistance to exercise, you will burn more calories.

Remember that these are not the only exercises you can perform; they depend on your goals and your possibilities. The important thing to avoid sedentary lifestyles, and seek a time in our lives to devote to our health and body.

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2 Reviews about Exercises to keep weight
on 31/10/2014
I am an avid runner/cyclist/mountain climber, and I have always been very interested in these sports. I"m turning 28 soon, and this past year I have gone through a lot of life changes and have unfortunately let my sports decline. I just recently started training for a duathlon again, and it's amazing how quickly i'm regaining muscle mass and strength.
on 14/12/2012
Those sports or activities are really important to have a good health and performance. Everybody should avoid sedentary lifestyle, it could bring us conditions, overweight and more. We can do exercise by walking to school or work every morning, at least for 30 minutes or more every day.

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