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Exercises to do at the beach

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Exercises to do at the beach

For many, the summer has come and is a time to go to the beach: the perfect gym ... water, sun, sand and fresh air ... a great combination! The beach is an ideal place to exercise and strengthen our health, both physically and emotionally.

So for those who like to play sports and lead a healthy life, there is a lot of information to consider when exercising on the beach.


We all know that running on concrete is not the same as in the sand. Try to run and feel on top of your leg muscles perform more work. Walking or running along the shore, for about 30 minutes is an excellent cardiovascular exercise, plus the soft surface of the sand does not to create problems or contractures of tendons. You can also toggle introducing into the water every 5 minutes, and the waves to massage your feet and revive the movement.

Another advantage of running on the beach is that you will have different levels of intensity: you can make a more exhaustive alternating intensity levels to make zigzag paths between wet and dry sand. In addition, you can walk or run into the water. Many athletes use this exercise to increase the intensity of training in career and work, since it makes work more muscles than normal in the race on the ground. On the beach or a pool not very deep you can try to run into the water.

Depending on the level at which we arrive, work will become more intense:

If water reaches us by the ankles or so tend to raise the knee to save water and exercise the quadriceps than in normal race. Also important is the work of the ankle, because the motive is more intense than usual.

If water reaches us by the waist as interesting start, as well as working more with the lower limb to overcome the resistance of water, we tend to push and balance with the upper limb, and muscles and abdominals, obliques and back will also bring their bit to advance.

And if the water comes to us by the neck or torso we cannot just run, but if we will be doing a comprehensive job of toning, which in the end  is better to stand in water. Anything that is moving in the water is good for exercise and make a profit.


For those who know how to swim well, nothing better to do swimming in seawater. The waves will make your task even more complex, exercising more muscles. First test for short distances and that make you feel secure. Note that there is a lifeguard on the coast. Note that the waves may lead to you being unable to control your direction. Never swim in desolate places.

Yoga / Tai-chi

The feeling of freshness that provides the sea breeze makes the beach an ideal place to practice yoga and tai-chi ... beach landscape full of life and energy.

Recovering from injuries

But if a bad move or excessive stress prevents us from practicing any activity, sea water can also help to overcome injuries. Walking slowly along the shore and relax a while on it while the water wets our feet is a relaxing and highly effective therapy. Especially if we cover with algae.

Tips to consider

  • Seizing the future: it is better to go to the beach during the early hours of between six and ten o'clock, to feel the breeze and to prevent ultraviolet damage our skin.
  • Protect yourself from the sun whenever you are outdoors, cloudy or not, do your exercises with protection (hat and blocker) and appropriate footwear, as a greater effort, greater chance of accidents.
  • Hydrate yourself: drinking water is the best way to stay hydrated. Always have your full bottle of water.

Other exercises

  • Legs: Collect snails will work your legs as the repetition of bending and lifting collecting snails makes this a good way to work the train below.
  • Abs: Walking in the water helps to tone your abdomen and that the resistance offered by the extra water and the waves do the most work and train lower abdominal area.
  • Burning calories: playing with the waves will work almost every muscle in your body and lose a lot of calories.

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2 Reviews about Exercises to do at the beach
on 06/08/2014
This is so cute! and perfect! I'm going to the beach tomorrow, and I was already thinking of bringing my running stuff. I'm super excited now, because I know I'll be bringing my workout clothes, after reading this. There's nothing more invigorating than feeling the ocean breeze on your face and smelling the salty ocean air fill your nostrils as you run. What an inspiration for a great work out!
on 01/07/2013
The beach is the perfect place to something different and wake up early to breath fresh air and walk in the beach, feeling the sand and the live on the ground, I find it as an unique and special situation which can be very good for any human, so I highly recommend practicing sports near the beach

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