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Exercises for your back

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Exercises for your back

Undoubtedly, the back is one of the parts of the human body that determines our body size. And many of us seek to expand or develop exercises. However, before beginning a routine of training is necessary to consider the appropriate way to do the exercises so that they are effective and healthy at the same time.

While the back muscles are not seen with the naked eye, you should know that a wide and prominent back “stands out”. In addition, by working the back muscles you are ensuring good posture. Also remember that if you want to achieve a well-defined torso, you need to train your arms, shoulders and chest. And do not forget that in most of the exercises for back, the key is to make the movement without the aid of body weight, so to work the muscles that are exercised.

Some fitness exercises that can not miss in your routine are:

Pulley in the neck 

Sitting on the machine with pulleys, grip the bar with arms extended and then pull down with both arms, bending, so that the bar is near or touching the neck. Then extend the arms upward with one motion, without releasing the bar suddenly, to the full extent.
Please note: A common mistake is to help the bent head and flexing the trunk during the descent, we must avoid this. Always keep your back straight.

Pulley to the chest

Sitting on the machine with pulleys with a slight inclination of the body backwards, grip the bar with arms extended and then pull down by bending both arms, so that the bar is closer to the chest. Then extend the arms upward with a controlled motion, without releasing the bar from a sharp single up the full extent.
Warning: The backward tilt of the body must always be the same, both in the movement of descent and ascent.

Rowing machine

Sit on the rowing machine and adjust the position to fully extend your arms. Perform bending both arms to the wrists that are aligned with the chest. Then return to the original position slowly and controlled.

Rowing with pulley

Stand with your feet apart at shoulder height, grab a bar by placing a hand greater than the width of the shoulders and the palms inward, knees slightly bent. The shift begins with the extension of both arms forward but with a slight downward trend to perform flexion and then bring the bar to the chest with an upward movement.

Pulley to the Chin 

Stand up, grab a weight with your hands placed at shoulder width and palms inward. Raise the weight in a straight line to the chin as much as possible and dig it, then start the fall and repeat the survey. This is one of the back exercises that should not miss at all routine cultures, and that is specific to exercise mainly trapeze.

In conclusion, we must always know that back exercises require some practice to perform properly. Ideally, start with a lower weight to dominate the movement, then increase the weight. Another recommendation to develop the back muscles is swimming, and will work across the torso, chest and get a defined width and invigorated.

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3 Reviews about Exercises for your back
on 08/08/2014
Great exercises! It's not only men who think about toning their backs, women do too. I find that yoga does a good enough job, though, with all the push-up, upward dog, downward dog, and spinal twists. I can notice almost immediately (after a few weeks) of doing yoga intensely, the difference in muscle tone. I used to go to the gym and do exercises like these, and yes, they were effective, but it does get a little monotonous slaving at the gym on weight machines.
on 14/04/2014
Good night people!!
many girls have told me that a man with muscles but not back is not truly handsome, and I think the same! so I need to gain muscle mass in my back, and for that this article has come right on time!....

maybe the last one is perfect for me, so I will start with it and of course thanks for giving me the idea..

on 06/07/2013
I think that gaining a well-defined back was one of the hardest things I did, I mean, the exercises are kind of hard and the back needs time and patience to see results so most people just quit. Thanks to telling me about this because I haven?t tried some of the exercises and it could be good to include them in my routine for variety

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