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Excessive sleep and fatigue

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Excessive sleep and fatigue

Do you feel exhausted when you perform your job? Do you get sleepy at different times of day? Do not you have a lot of encouragement and mood to get up in the morning? Many people today often experience fatigue and sleep in a severe way, and although they were available to complete these tasks, fatigue and sleep does not leave them in peace. Worst of all is that many people, even if they are exhausted, are unable to sleep well at night and have a restless sleep which worsens the whole box of exhaustion.

If this is your case, feel free to observe what happens to you. Lately, more and more people are suffering this kind of effect which, although is not a severe disease, it’s the body message warning of possible deficiencies that are necessary to meet soon.

Why do excessive fatigue and sleep exist?

The causes may be several, so check carefully each of them to locate what might be your problem, although sometimes may be two or more causes:

  • Excessive mental stress: having many goals, working too hard, and pushing and criticizing yourself are often a major cause of excessive fatigue. Why? Because when you're tense, depressed or anxious, your muscles, even though do not notice it, get very tense. You might not feel this at the moment, but if this tension continues, eventually the muscle gets exhausted, so it will ask for rest each time of day.
  • Poor nutrition: if your diet is not of sufficient quality, and is based on junk food, processed sugars and refined flours, eventually you will feel terribly tired and exhausted, which can bring deficiencies in minerals and vitamins.
  • Emotions and do not realizing what bothers you or makes you feel bad: unresolved emotional pain will deplete your desire to live and to do things, it's like "turning you off" in the world because there is something that "bothers you" inside. If you do not sleep and force to do things, you may get headaches, for example.
  • Not doing what you truly love can cause a nuisance inside so strong that simply "does not want" to follow or "ran out of gas."

What to do?

If you've located the cause, then it will be easier to remedy your tired mind.

For example, if you've noticed that you do not eat very well, or you eat quickly, and do not include healthy foods, then you need to pay attention to your diet as your mood may be a warning of possible and / or future anemia.

Anti-fatigue diet: make sure you do not abuse white sugar or refined products, junk and sausages. Include fresh vegetable juice a day for your cells to be well nourished, choose two or three vegetable, often include the carrot which is very nutritious, and combine with alfalfa, beet, celery, spinach, spirulina, chlorophyll, etc. Cooked foods aren’t also very convenient, so you should try to include raw food in diet and do not abuse the animal protein, especially meat and eliminate cow's milk.

Stress exhaustion:

If you notice that you are very stressed, then undoubtedly you need to avoid eating sugar and refined flour and try to make physical activity at least for 30 minutes a day to relieve body tension. It is necessary, even if you have a lot of work, to take care of yourself, remember that life is useless if you only pay, shop and walk quickly. Relax, do breathing exercises during the day and promise to slow down. Drink tea of mint, anise and/or passionflower to relax and give yourself at least 30 minutes to think about how you could make your life more peaceful and enjoyable.

Emotional pain:

Many times we keep, like piggy banks, experiences of rejection, worthlessness or consideration, failure and criticism that cause us pain. If you don’t vent them or try to convince yourself that they "no longer affect you”, when you know that this is false, then these emotions accumulate making you feel so heavy that you just want to sleep or do anything else, as a way to avoid what you do not want to feel or dare. So it's important that you learn to feel what you feel without judging.

Do you really do what you love?

Because if you don’t, then the body will brake slowly and this may be in form of sleep and fatigue. So ask yourself often if you're really where you want to be or if you are enduring situations that you do not like just because you have to, or simply because you do not dare to venture into a new cycle in your life. Remember that your heart is the compass of your life, if you're not really excited about what you do, then your heart gets bored. And this may appear as excessive fatigue or sleepiness. A question that can help you is: If I had all the support I require ... What would I be doing right now? And then you'll find an idea where your heart wants to take you.

All this also applies to young people, when they are confused or highly criticized, this may be a defense mechanism, but also when you are teenager, sleep and tiredness can be normal, is a way in which the young relaxes at the wide variety of changes of this stage.

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2 Reviews about Excessive sleep and fatigue
on 30/07/2014
What a great article! I think all too often we only consider physical causes of exhaustion, completely ignoring the mental/emotional side of things. Stress plays such an important role in our lives, and really does zap our energies. By taking into consideration our mental and emotional state of being, we can be much healthier individuals.
on 28/01/2013
Very good information about the fatigue and tiredness, my grandson has some of these problems but I think that teenagers need to sleep even more than babies, they just do it, I don?t know why or how! Anyway, it?s good to know the causes of bad sleep to avoid them and have a healthy lifestyle.

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