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¿Excessive facial blushing? Try self-hypnosis

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¿Excessive facial blushing? Try self-hypnosis

Becoming red "for anything" is not a disease, but it can be a really disturbing problem for people who suffer it. Facial flushing is something natural, it happens to all peoplein different degrees: the face gets red when we feel shame, fear, anxiety, anger, heat, etc.. However, some people have very sensitive nervous system that causes their face to become red easily, it is something that can generate different reactions as insecurity, discomfort, feelings of shame, etc.

Find a solution to this is not always easy. Some people assume that this problem has to do with a malfunction of the body (especially the autonomic nervous system which controls the not-conscious reactions), so look for some medications and even surgery may help "fix the body ". However, a lot of this problem and we can even say that the root of this reaction of the nervous system is closely linked to how we learned to see and react to the different experiences that happen to us every day.

Some say that excessive blushing involves insecurity, but it could also be feelings of perfection or ideal positions in our image or way of being. In some cases it could be un-conscious feelings of wanting to hide aspects of our personality that we believe are weak or "not good" things that should not be discovered by others, and being evidenced, they fire a natural defense mechanism in the body that causes us to get red. This does not mean that the nervous system is against us and is sensitive just because, but we who, either consciously or not, shoot causing our small capillaries of the face to fill with blood and blush.

So here we offer a solution that can really be effective and help to combat and eradicate this problem without risks or side effects for you, which might surprise you if you really practice with commitment, patience and focus.

Self hypnosis and facial flushing

Self-hypnosis is a therapeutic technique in which, by means of auto-suggestion (you'll hypnotize yourself  without having someone else do it), you can overcome those limits that have our minds and affect our attitudes and ways of reacting which reach our body and cause a number of results as diseases or imbalances. Self-hypnosis can treat problems like jealousy, smoking, nerves, addictions, depression, fears and phobias, flushing or sweating, etc.

With self-hypnosis you can control certain bodily functions and auto-balcance them. Results has to do a lot with the disposition of the person, their perseverance and their degree of acceptance with this technique, because if you are resistant or hesitant, you won't make a lot. However, if you give yourself the opportunity to experience a truly self-hypnosis, you'll see how affect your mind can affect your reality, and if you change or transform the cause of your facial flushing, then it does not have to be more in your life. Furthermore, this technique is not risky, no side effects and it really does not cost anything! So you really have nothing to lose but doubt.

How to make a Self-hypnosis?

To perform a self-hypnosis you just have to be willing, have time and a place to work, which can be your same room at the night or morning when you are not interrupted. You will need also a recording tape, so you can record the script and then listen it by yourself. Bear in mind that what is proposed here can only be practiced by yourself, not with someone else, because the scripts below are for personal use only.

Autosuggestion to eradicate Facial Blushing

Place yourself in a comfortable place where there are no interruptions, preferably sitting in a chair with your spine straight and abdomen contracted. You can also do this lying on your bed before going to sleep, no matter if you fall asleep during this, that can help the process.

Thereupon, place a tape which must have been prerecorded before. You can even do it mentally without a recording, but your recorded voice is better.

Once you have your recording or you've memorized the script then proceed to perform self-hypnosis, which must follow the next guide, (waiting seven seconds after each statement):

  1. I'm deeply relaxed now ...
  2. I feel my body weight on the floor ... (count five seconds focusing on the sensations you have in your body, notice how your legs on the floor or ground, your back, your arms, your head...)
  3. I feel more and more relaxed.... (And keep allowing this to happen to you)
  4. I allow my body gets relaxed...
  5. My body is deeply relaxed...
  6. My hands and feet are heavy...
  7. And slowly I feel more and more relaxed, in my body there is no resistance, it's heavy ... very heavy ... so heavy it sinks into the ground...
  8. Now imagine that you are in a green field full of trees. It is a beautiful place ....
  9. You hear the sound of water, birds, the wind...
  10. And here you are safe. Very safe ....
  11. Now visualize yourself... See yourself doing what you like ... watch yourself with confidence... run, swim, sing... whatever you want...
  12. And now look at your face, this calm and peaceful... (20 seconds passes)
  13. And now you show up with your friends... in your school ... with your partner ...
  14. You feel safe and confident to live with them ....
  15. You can talk and express yourself, notice how all look at you, but you're right .... you feel peace .... you are sure .... your face is calm ... your complexion has not changed its normal color ... it's relaxed as you are ...
  16. You feel good about yourself ...
  17. Now repeat: I feel good about myself ...
  18. Repeat three times: I can be myself without feeling intimidated ... (space of 20 seconds)
  19. Repeat: I accept the person I am ...
  20. Repeat: I love the person I am ...
  21. Say it safely: I am a confident person...
  22. Say it in your mind for sure: I'm free to be what I am ...
  23. Feel it in your body as you say: I feel at peace with myself and others .... Repeat it again!
  24. My body is balanced and react with confidence, peace and harmony ... Say it 5 times or more, until you become what you say.

You can repeat the script or add phrases that make you feel comfortable. You can set background music for recording. And to give you more power, you can repeat these affirmations throughout the day, whenever you remember.

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4 Reviews about ¿Excessive facial blushing? Try self-hypnosis
on 20/03/2015
I have had this and it is terrible. I think it should be classed as a disease along with excessive sweating. Miracle Track Hypnosis has a good track for treating it. I don't like the self hypnosis idea because it feels as though you already know what going to happen because your treating yourself. but if you download a hypnosis track from the internet then its a professional treating you... if that makes sense
on 06/09/2014
So...I've never had this problem, but what caught my eye initiallly in the article, is the fact that my best friend from childhood, we've been friends for almost 20 years now, has ALWAYS had this problem! I used to think it was so silly, but now I realize that she just really can't help it, and the more she blushes, the more embarassed she gets, which makes her blush even more! I'll send her this article...
on 30/06/2014
the steps are too long, wow, I'm glad of not having this problem, it is somekind of embarrasing
on 25/11/2012
Wow I've never tried self- nor normal hypnosis but it looks kind of easy, maybe I should try it and tell you the results to see if that really works. After all, it really looks like an interesting way to focus ourselves and avoid all the mental disturbances we may have. Nice articles by the way.

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