Evo Morales supports organic agriculture Evo Morales unterstützt den ökologischen Landbau Evo Morales apuesta por la producción ecológica


Evo Morales supports organic agriculture

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Evo Morales supports organic agriculture

The government of President Evo Morales Ayma decided to give its full support to the agro-ecological production as part of the Agricultural Revolution that began on last August 2nd. Faced with environmental organizations and members of his staff, President Morales promulgated the Law on Regulation and Promotion of Agricultural Production and non-timber green forest.

"When we talk about eco Bolivia we are talking about the sovereignty and security for humankind; producing organic products is not for the money but it is for life, talking about life, humanity” said the president.

The Government is promoting what he described as agrarian revolution and which has among its pillars redistributing land to peasant and indigenous communities, the mechanization of agriculture and organic agriculture.

"Bolivia is an organic component of the agrarian revolution. We raised an agrarian revolution and we bet on an eco Bolivia. And not only it is important to talk about organic products but also how to preserve the environment," said Morales.

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1 Reviews about Evo Morales supports organic agriculture
on 19/11/2015
I know these articles were written a few years ago, but this is still great news! The more support for organic agriculture, the better. the more support we have for it, the cheaper and more accessible it will be for everyone who wants to buy organic to get it.

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