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Everything to make your nails beautiful and healthy

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Everything to make your nails beautiful and healthy

Beautiful hands with a nice, healthy and beautiful nails. Nails are the center of attraction of the hands, especially for women, although the hands of a man can also be attractive and alluring as a woman, especially if nails are healthy and clean.

Food and minerals essential for a beautiful nails

Noting the health of our body, we can go a clue in our food. And if there is any doubt, just look at our nails and they will tell us clearly whether our diet is supplying our nutritional needs.

Both hair and nails are true mirror of what we eat, and if we learn to identify what we need, for example, to have a healthy nails, we could identify which foods are those that have direct influence with the general state of our nails.

  • Iodine: This mineral is important to do with endurance and speed of growth of the nails. Thanks to the caring nature is present in as many foods as fruit (grapes, mostly), broccoli, iodized salt, seaweed, bread, dairy, fish, etc. However, you must take care not to have an excess of iodine in your body, because this could cause a side effect.
  • Respect to the seaweed, nori is low in iodine and several leaves can be eaten every day without worrying about excess. You can also add powdered dried seaweed to stews, soups or salads, this is an excellent way to provide adequate iodine in your body. In addition 100 grams of dried hijiki seaweed or 15 grams of dried kombu stored in a suitable container provide the ration of one year for one person. More is not better.
  • Zinc: is related to the process of formation of the protein that forms the nail (keratin). When there are deficiencies of this mineral nails become brittle, break easily and are slow to grow.
  • Vitamins A and B: are related to the strength and toughness of the nail. Deficiency causes brittle nails.
  • Calcium: also has to do with the strength and toughness of the nails, causing that nails bend easily and grow slowly.
  • Iron: is essential for the health of nails, its lack causes white spots to appear and nails become pale. The iron is present in legumes, seaweed kelp, and fish.

Healthy Nails

One way to maintain healthy nails is to have good hygiene. Wash your hands very well whenever you can but do not abuse the commercial soaps since they are irritants. Clean your nails on the inside whenever you can. Care for them and avoid pulling with your teeth, use the clippers. Spread cream rich in lanolin moisturizers, aloe or petroleum jelly to gently lubricate well.

Cutting your nails and make them nice

Keep in mind these tips:

  • The shape and size of the nails can come up with the lime and enamel
  • If your nails are short and wide, leave the edges, do not lime until the meat. You must respect one oval.
  • In the case of the elongated nails and round, we must lime shaped oval.
  • Nails should be smooth triangular respecting mm edge.
  • Nails should be long and rectangular straight.
  • If you are painting, use a protective base to protect the lacquer and nail set.
  • Keep in mind that essential oils, soaps, some creams and some products can darken the tone.
  • After the second layer, brush over the edge of each nail and do the same with the fixative.
  • Do not dry in the sun or under a bulb, preferably dry in the shade.


  • Exposing to long hot baths as dehydrates.
  • Using brush unsuitable for fingernails as if not very smooth could spread the edge of the nail.

Fungal infections on nails

An effective remedy to combat these infections is so peeling garlic! If you have this problem, a garlic peels or scratching garlic and spread the pieces to nails. Do this whenever you can and leave the garlic on your nails as long as possible. We know that you might not like the remedy for the strong smell of garlic, but you can do this on weekends or when going to stay home, even at night before sleep, spread garlic and leave for the night to act. This remedy really is worthwhile because garlic is an excellent natural antibiotic. If you dislike the smell, or you have soaked in the fingers, spread a lemon after washing your hands.

On the other hand, if you tend to have fungal nails, watch your diet, because the infections occurred mainly when the body has excess toxins. You can enhance the effects of the previous if you take a clove of garlic while fasting.

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2 Reviews about Everything to make your nails beautiful and healthy
on 12/09/2014
Thanks so much for the great information!! I had a fungal infection once on my hands, and I think this garlic remedy would have worked on that too, I wish I would have known at the time. I ended up going to the doctor and getting a pharmaceutical cream that dried my skin out even worse, and didn't do anything to heal the infection.
on 05/08/2013
Good tips for nice nails, mine tend to break very easily and my doctor told me it is because of the use of soaps and maybe even detergent when I wash the clothes and things like that, my nails become pale and break for anything, so I will try some advices and I hope to stop this because I want to show off some beautiful nails, now I cannot even paint them

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