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Everything that your body needs to avoid lacking in vitamins

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Everything that your body needs to avoid lacking in vitamins

The vitamins are found naturally in plants and animals. These are heterogeneous compounds that the body cannot produce (except rarely), it is essential to direct intake of these nutrients which are essential and indispensable for the organism. The word vitamin is derived from the Latin "vita” meaning life, and “amoniakós "in Greek means ammonia or organic.

The vitamins contribute to cellular metabolism and to the smooth functioning of the organs and body in general. It is necessary to provide the body through a balanced diet. We must bear in mind that everything we eat and the way in which we live have a strong impact on balance and general welfare of the body. Inadequate dietary habits, a diet rich in refined products, junk, sugar, abuse of alcohol, nicotine or caffeine, stress, altered states of the nervous system, mental abuse, depression, etc. prevent the proper assimilation of vitamins and deprive the body of essential nutrients, especially vitamin C and B.

It is why so important to follow a balanced diet containing fresh vegetables and fruits, variety of food and plenty of water. It is very important that vitamins are derived primarily from the diet of normal and alternative form of consumption of supplements.

Among the vitamins we found the lipophilic, as A, D, E, K , which are soluble in fat. Then there are the water soluble that are soluble in water and in this group are the B-complex vitamins like B1, B2, B6, B12, the panthenol, vitamin C, biotin, hydrogen folic, and niacin.

Vitamin deficiency

This may be due to the reasons explained before, as a neglected diet or altered emotional states. The recovery of a vitamin deficiency is slow, depending on the body of the individual and the measures taken. There are severe deficiencies with organs that may be recovered very quickly if given the proper care and feeding.

The vitamin deficiency could lead to more serious disorders. The deficiency of vitamins A and B may reduce the appetite, but to replenish this deficiency appetite returns. A more serious shortcoming of these can cause, among other things, more severe disorders, such as a weak light, flaky skin, etc. A lack of vitamin C, for example, weakens the body's immune system and makes the body more prone to infections and illnesses, and that calcium cannot be absorbed properly. The shortcomings are not so much to do with the amount of food but the food quality. Nor are related to long fasts, as has been studied very long fasts don’t cause deficiency if the body if it has good reserves and is in good condition.

Experts believe that an extra contribution of vitamins, although not required, is beneficial for the body. It is suggested that the recommended daily dose should be passed in order to meet daily needs and have reservations on that do not reach the minimum dose. Especially in situations of stress, intense exercise or competition, or a sick body, the needs tend to increase.

It is important to mention that a vitamin supplement provides more vitamins than the dose that could have any food. But you have to consider that it is more advisable to get the vitamins from fresh foods, as these also provide other important substances such as minerals, proteins, antioxidants, etc..

Correct consumption of vitamins

Vitamins are negatively affected by heat, pH, light, oxygen, etc. But enough to continue to consume the minimum recommendations of 6 servings of fresh fruit or vegetables a day to reach a basic needs every day. Other tips to keep your food vitamins are:

  • Avoid any form of processing that kills and destroys the vitamin and avoid cook the vegetables, fruits or any food in excess.
  • Fruit's skin or shell of the grains contains many vitamins, so you should not remove it. If you prefer to eat rice and that this whole as it contains 5 times more vitamin than without rice husk.
  • Fermented foods such as milk, bread, yogurt, cheese, etc. are high in vitamin.
  • It is recommended not to abuse in any dietary supplements. Currently, good quality food covers all needs vitamin.
  • Vitamins are essential but can be toxic in large quantities. Some are highly toxic and others appear to be safe even in very high quantities.
  • Choosing quality food results in a higher nutritional value.
  • The ultra freezing preserves the properties of the food much better than refrigeration or freezing at home. When food is frozen it may well make the food contains more vitamins.

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2 Reviews about Everything that your body needs to avoid lacking in vitamins
on 14/09/2015
There are a lot fo people in the United States that, for some reason, seem to enjoy taking supplements. I am fairly against taking supplements, because they are artificially created, and also, if you are lacking nutrients some how, this is your body telling you that you need to eat a healthier diet.
on 08/10/2013
So many vitamins in the world and so many natural products containing them, but yet the people, and I am referring to many of them, have a large deficiency talking about vitamins, but we should learn from very small that we need to consume more and more fruits, because we are forgetting about that

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