Events to promote organic food Förderung der Bio-Lebensmittel Promoción de Alimentos Ecológicos

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Events to promote organic food

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Events to promote organic food

Under the title "Organic Food Quality and Consumption," the community of Madrid will host, starting today, the Days of organic food promotion.

With the collaboration of the Ministry of Environment and Rural and the Spanish Federation of Companies with products (APRECO) trying to promote and encourage the growth of consumption of organic products in Spain. By organizing the event "Organic Food Quality and Consumption," Apreco inform consumer organizations some relevant results of recent studies on characteristics and qualities of organic food. In addition, use the occasion to propose avenues of cooperation for the development of healthy and environmentally friendly production.

Thus, with the main idea of bringing organic products to consumer organizations, Apreco address the first day of work, focusing on the Association of Housewives and Consumers-Members of the Community of Madrid.

Fernando Viclhes, Apreco manager, will present the importance of certification and control systems on the credibility and security of ecological quality in the conference "Not only proclaim the quality but try it."

Moreover, the following companies from the community of Madrid society will be presented: Suerte Ampanera (cheese and milk), Cachopo (canned vegetables), GAVISA (beef cattle), Antonio Simon (honey) Riopradillo (bread and cheese ), Andrew Morate Winery (wine), Monjarama (fruit / vegetables), and El Granero Integral.

More about Apreco

The Professional Association of producers and processors of organic food (APRECO) of the Community of Madrid was founded in Madrid on 06 of September 2001. It is a nonprofit association whose purposes are:

  • Promoting Food Association,
  • Promoting, publishing, informing, disseminating, educating, cooperating, coordinating, rewarding, improving, and defending the products of the Madrid obtained according to organic production standards in accordance with regulations of the European Union.

To do this, Apreco may carry out any lawful action for the better fulfillment of its objectives, according to the defense of other interests of partners.


The services that Apreco provides to its partners are:

  • A meeting place for all partners, where they can communicate and promote organic farming.
  • Providing advice on technical, economic and legal framework for promoting and enhancing the development of businesses in order to solve common problems that lead us to obtain better quality products.
  • Advertising to its members through trade shows, conferences, national and international advertising agencies, radio, TV channels, newspapers, new technologies.
  • Reporting of the activities to be developed in the Partnership.
  • Create a common hallmark of quality for its members.
  • Providing public information to improve the image of organic products from member companies.
  • Introducing to partners within and outside the Community of Madrid.
  • Supporting its members in decisions that may lead to creating new businesses within the sector of organic production.
  • Defending its members from false and defamatory imitations.
  • Coordinating the members of the Association in common goals.


C / Bravo Murillo, 101.

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3 Reviews about Events to promote organic food
on 11/12/2014
You in the US we definitely need more events like this. I always read about initiatives to promote organic produce abroad, but there is so very little (outside of farmer's markets) as far as organic awareness goes. I live in a small town here in Alaska, and I am so fortunate that a lot of people (myself included) grow our own produce. We have a very aware group of people here.
on 17/07/2013
Excellent program. We would like to join you in your efforts to bring more organic products to consumers. Our organization focuses in bringing these products to kosher consumers and beyond. We would like to assist Spanish companies certifying their products Kosher and in the exportation to the USA markets. Please visit our website
Hablamos Espanol.
Samuel Cuenca

on 02/06/2013
Good initiative! I?m glad to hear that Spain is going so well related to organic farming and production, since the world needs a break of everything that?s happening, we kill animals and trees without realizing that there are many bad consequences, and we should teach that too

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