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Hide and seek of Happiness

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Hide and seek of Happiness

The problem with the pursuit of happiness is that we seek and search all over while it scratches its belly and laughs waiting to be found in a closet...

- Where is happiness?

In a closet

- Which closet?

The one in the basement.

- What basement?

The one in the forest.

- What forest? Do forests have basements?

Yes, of course.

- But where the hell is the basement a forest?

Well below the largest tree.

- Ah .. And what is the largest tree in a forest? All are tall!

Take a ruler and measure them.

- A ruler and measure them? I would take months, years, a lifetime!

Do you want to find happiness yes or no?

- Yes.

Well, what then? Take a rule, go to the forest and measure the trees.

- Well. I will do.

Will you?

- Yes. I will do.

I think you will not, you have always been very desperate.

- Yes, I say, I think I inherited from my grandmother, she was like, kicking the cat all the time. But no matter. Everything for happiness.

That's nice. Over there is a tape fro measure, you borrow it but take care of it, I did not lose it, eh!

- Thank you. How kind. Goodbye.

Hey, wait, wait! ... Which will be your first tree?

- ... Mmm ... it is true, you have not told me that I should start measuring forest ...

Search the Forest of Fairies.

- Does the forest have fairies? Come on, please ... what fairy forest or anything. That forest doesn’t exist.

It does.

- It does not.

That Yes.

- That NO.

That yes.

- N ...   Okay, Okay ... Everything for happiness. And tell me, where do you have to go to enter that little forest?

- Here, take the truck out on the corner, on the blue sign, tell the driver to stop, listen well, in the top of juices you see, I think there's a shorty and chubby lady that sells them. You look closely, eh! Well, after getting off there because you take a juice arrive safe and very hot, and then with remembering them walk up ...

- Well, well, wait, lets write it down, I might forget ...


Blue sign ... lady ... shorty, juice stand ... What juice should I take?

The one that you like.

 - What do you recommend?

The grapefruit with parsley is good.

- Well. I take grapefruit juice ... and way to ...? How far you had to walk?

Wherever you can walk.



- Until I want?


- So just like that?


- Just like that?

I’m saying yes.



- Well. Right. All for ... . So I walk to where-I-what

Yes, correct.


Go back to the design of the juices and you take another little juice.



- NO!




- OK ... Well ... Do what you say. So after walking to until I'm tired ... what else?

You'll find a boy and a girl.

- ... I'll find a little-boy and girl. "How nice." Right. What I have to do now? Will the led to the circus to see Harry Potter?

No. You pick one and answer a question.

- Do I choose one?


- Anyone I want?

Yes, the one you want.

- Does it matter?


- No?




- Well. Well ... All for ... that thing. What do you recommend: the girl or boy?




- OK! .... WELL. And THEN?

Then you ask him or her to ask the question and if the answer is right will definitely lead you to the forest of the...... hey, wait!, Where you're going!, I have not yet say what you will ask to go thinking the answer! Hey! Wait!


As children, many were playing hide and seek, and were happily playing. Then, when they grew up, Happiness kept playing hide and seek, but then for some the game did not seem so funny. Where the heck is? Search and Find: a game. Well, it was a game. Now, it seems that every time one finds less what wants, that is, happiness.

Or worse, looking for happiness one finds exactly the opposite. Or still even wore: one seeks what someone told him it was happiness, without taking just a minute to ask yourself if that is true happiness for you.

What really makes me happy?

Not my father, not my mother, not the neighbor, not to friends or anyone else but: Me.

That is the question that we should give every day of our lives. And in trying to find the answer, we must not be swayed by the whims surface that eventually only make you feel more alone. Do not get distracted only comfort and little effort. The answer has more to do with a deep understanding of our creative nature.

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2 Reviews about Hide and seek of Happiness
on 13/06/2015
I think anyone who truly focuses on being happy as the main goal in their life, will find it. We all want to be happy, but for some reason we have grown up in a society that just doesn't know how to live, and it's created a lot of unhappiness.
on 07/08/2013
Wow, nice article, pretty interesting and a little bit confusing but the story was very beautiful and made me think a lot of different things about my life and myself, thanks a lot for sharing something like this, I think I?m going to print it and have it near when I forget finding happiness

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