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Enzymes and Health: 10 tips to stay young and healthy

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Enzymes and Health: 10 tips to stay young and healthy

Searching for the elixir of youth is not new, since we know that man is mortal, and from the time of darkness the alchemists of that time were bent on finding the substance to give the body health, beauty and eternal life. Finding that balm, at present, can be very simple and within reach of everyone, you do not need to know alchemy or need to invest huge amounts of money on costly treatments, products or surgeries. It would be enough for us to take one or two juices rich in enzymes every day, and having also some simple habits to enhance the effects of enzymatic food.

What are enzymes?

Enzymes are catalysts that control chemical reactions in living organisms, among other things, accelerate the absorption of oxygen in proteins, minerals, vitamins, nitrogen, etc. using each cell of the body. Enzymes work actually performing a miracle in all the processes that make the body needs to stay alive.

When we lose the ability to produce enzymes required we age and lose vitality: the hair falls out, skin begins to lose elasticity, firmness and humidity, the eyes are dull and opaque, loose teeth and gums become diseased, the whole body in general becomes sickly and depressed, and severely weaken the vital organs.

Enzymes are an essential "energy" for life and are found in most raw vegetables especially because the enzymes are destroyed when exposed to heat (when the temperature exceeds 50 Celsius). Be taken into account, moreover, that the enzymes are very sensitive and can be easily destroyed by irritants such as drugs, vinegar, alcohol, etc.

All fruits and raw vegetables contain good doses of fresh enzymes; artificially grown food, cooked or processed do not. The organic vegetable sprouts such as alfalfa, soybeans, wheat, onion, amaranth, etc., are the food of the highest quality enzyme content.

Absorption of enzymes

Both minerals and vitamins such as enzymes and other nutrients can be digested and better utilized when helping them with small habits also helping to effectively absorb the nutrients contained in food, exercises are essential to provide the cheerfulness and beauty desired. So after learning the important role played by enzymes in the body, one must also implement the following tips to create an elixir of youth:

1. Sleep and rest properly: a tense body without the necessary rest draws nutrients from food. Must be time for recreation and rest, avoid too much work or study and saturating the head of information.

2. Brush daily to keep skin clean: brushing promotes cell regeneration and helps to remove old cells, toxins and accumulated fats in the pores of the skin. Brushing also stimulates circulation and oxygenation of the dermis. This is essential so that the skin can always look fresh and young.

3. Make high-impact activity like swimming, running short distances at full speed or climbing or playing some kind of dance. Respiration that takes place in this type of activity is ideal to stimulate and oxygenate efficiently throughout the body.

4. Every day, do not forget to drink at least 2 or 3 glasses of juice of fresh fruits and vegetables daily. The juices are a healthy bath for tissue to clean and revitalize the entire body as are full of enzymes. It is important that plants are varied each day, they are fresh and preferably organic, as the latter are better harvest free of pesticides, hormones and other substances harmful and very irritating to the body.

5. Avoid eating too many carbohydrates, especially if they are refined. Breads, cakes, cookies, etc. must always be balanced with the consumption of raw products.

6. Be sure to include in your diet adequate balance of sodium. The sodium is called the element of youth, Dr. Jensen said that there is no old age but lack of sodium. The serum of goat's milk contains large amounts of sodium.

7. Fast occasionally (once or twice a month, and increase as you get used). Fasting is ideal for cleaning and restoring the body.

8. In the evenings dine light at this time and avoid cooked foods and sugary of any kind (except fruit). Bedtime is a good time to maximize absorption of nutrients we want, so if a rich dinner pf salad with some fresh cheese or tofu, or some sweet fruit, you'll see that you feel good in the morning. If you eat too much sugary stuff or irritants such as coffee, your nervous system is altered, and you cannot get adequate rest.

9. Prepare foods that taste good: eating healthy does not mean taking the pleasure of food. When you eat with pleasure and enjoyment, pancreas, stomach and liver are stimulated, and digestion takes place in a much more efficient. So take the time to eat slowly and healthy, and be sure to flatter your palate.

10. And finally, and it is worth pointing out, having thoughts focused on what you like and beautiful things. Negative thoughts, angry or depressing and pessimistic energy are slow and low intensity or brilliance that absorbs the body, and that sooner or later reflect in the appearance of the whole person, which looks dull, devoid of life and without charisma or "lightness."

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4 Reviews about Enzymes and Health: 10 tips to stay young and healthy
on 01/02/2015
Foot massages are wonderful thing to get because it allows you to relax and stay healthy.
on 12/09/2014
I'm so glad you mentioned fasting in this artcile! I totally agree with all of these tips or pieces of advice. YOu definitely do need to fast occasionally - some people more than others - because its a great way of cleansing the system. OUr bodies get so overrun when we eat 3, if not more, meals a day, and we need to give it time to just let everything run through.
on 27/03/2014
brushing the skin is an habit that I learned from this website, and even though you do not believe it, it is true and effective when talking about the health of the skin, well, thanks for always giving more information about the different topics of our interest
on 29/09/2013
Pretty good article, the importance of the enzymes but how to make them better and stay even more young with easy habits, people say that habits are just things that we perform several times at the point we are really used to it, but hopefully you can change these habits with a little work of yourself

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