Asturias Environmental organizations celebrate environmental encounter Umwelt-Organisationen in Asturien feiern Umwelt Treffen Las organizaciones ecologistas asturianas celebran los Encuentros Ambientales

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Asturias Environmental organizations celebrate environmental encounter

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Asturias Environmental organizations celebrate environmental encounter

The meeting was held with the aim of serving as a germ to coordinate more effectively and permanently to the many environmental problems in Asturias. Environmental Asturias Meetings were held on Friday May 12th at the Center Santullano Oviedo, 34 people attended representing 17 environmental groups across Asturias. It took several agreements between them.

Agreements reached:

Conducting a list of environmental groups to exchange information either by phone, mail or through new technologies. It was also agreed to exchange information on environment and what we do through the mailing list of the Environmental Coordinator of  Asturies group, and reaching all groups (number per group).

The Ecological Coordinator of Asturias sent the weekly list of files on public information to facilitate the development, if necessary, allegations, hoping those who have information about a document or prepare a claim send in time for the other organizations to join it, or may have information on the subject.

It was agreed to try with the technical support of those who have the rest of the groups. There was talk of making a list of items in each work group or organization. By the neighborhood association AVALLE offered the possibility of litigation for the way of legal aid.

It was agreed to request that the signatory environmental groups can have a representative in the SHARE (Commission of Urban Planning and Land of Asturias), the CAMA (Commission for Environmental Affairs of Asturias) and COGERSA (Consortium for Solid Waste Management in Asturias), and all those other agencies which address environmental issues.

It was agreed that on Sunday June 4th (eve of World Environment Day), all groups organize, with the support of the Association of Collective Asturianos (ACA) and other entities that are join an industrial action. In particular it will be a concentration in the bog of Dueñas in Cudillero. With the aim of denouncing the plans of development experienced by many places of natural value such as the bog of Dueñas, declared a Natural Monument. The organizing group of this action will be SOS Cuideiru, supported by all other organizations, to the extent of its possibilities, in the environmental encounter.

Finally they discussed the possibility of holding further meetings with a frequency of at least every 3 months. In this way the next meeting will be organized on Saturday, September 23rd, coinciding with the camping there is to organize against the reservoir Platform for Network Defense.

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