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Enjoy your Pregnancy

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Enjoy your Pregnancy

Receiving news of being pregnant is certainly a special moment. Pregnancy is desired or not, whatever the status of the couple, or family status, economic and even, one might say, world, pregnancy is the announcement of the entry of a new being in the world, and this is one of the greatest privileges of nature, be a channel through which life is possible.

However, certainly feeling privileged and even fascinated by the idea, is not always the case, indeed it affects a large part of life, beginning with the state of the mother and partner.

Despite all these factors could be an inconvenience for the mother who truly enjoy and benefit profoundly this period, the nature of women know intuitively that this is a moment where the mother needs a period of time to bring your body, your spirit and your next baby. So the more you are left to flow with this enrichment, the more you can enjoy the experience.

Enjoy pregnancy

A mother can find many ways to enjoy her pregnancy. You have to understand that a pregnant woman is never the same as other pregnant woman, each one has special needs and situations, one may be more vulnerable than another, some have many physical symptoms such as dizziness or nausea known, while others have virtually no symptoms at all, and spent this time as usual. But there are now many ways to enjoy a pregnancy. Holistic medicine, alternative therapies such as reiki, reflexology, yoga, etc.. Some of the ways in which the mother or the couple can engage in a more profound and enriching way the experience of pregnancy. In these therapies you not only reach a rapprochement between mother and baby, but that help the mother to be relaxed.

Emotions during pregnancy

Being quiet is something that women, especially, should aim. This is a period that requires that women take time for new considerations and assessments, it is necessary to organize to get more rest and to some extent care. The state of the nervous mother is something that the baby feels. When the mother is very tired, exhausted or stressed, you could suffer not only from a premature birth or toxemia, but is affecting the baby in the spirit.

That’s why it is so important that the mother find ways to connect with the time and seek ways to feel in harmony with the process. It is necessary that the mother is away from mundane concerns and make an effort to consider at this time that the new baby absorbs everything she does, thinks and feels. Their new baby is a sponge that takes your mood, your new baby is fed at the energy of it. So the search for tranquility and inner harmony is a key factor.

Many times during this period is often feel fear, guilt, confusion or mood in a very vulnerable way. We must consider that motherhood and fatherhood, as all major changes in life requires some adjustment. It is best to let the emotions flow. Although one cannot prevent these feelings, one must know that they are entirely normal and should be expressed in some form, either with your partner, friend or with a specialist. However, despite the challenging, contradictory, or likely to be this stressful time, there is no intention to leave the desirable and very close to the baby. We could even talk to the baby of our fears gently, explain our vulnerability, our fear, our joy. Make him complicit in what we feel, is much sweeter for this moment to try to avoid or feel guilty about what we feel.

Indeed this process is difficult, it is more appropriate to seek alternatives such as homeopathy or energy or natural medicine, which help to balance the emotions.

Harmonious environment

On the other hand, creating a harmonious environment is something that benefits both the mother and the baby. The environment of the mother influences powerfully. Should find that your environment as comfortable as possible, a quiet, orderly, where the mother is at peace. Feng Shui is an alternative that can provide a truly rewarding for the mother and the baby's new room. Besides this, the mother must find an internal environment very comforting for the baby: soothing music, talking softly to the baby, singing, caressing the belly, focus on beautiful things, and so on. It is a way to begin to receive the new being. 

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3 Reviews about Enjoy your Pregnancy
on 14/09/2015
Pregnancy is such a beautiful time in a family's life, and even thugh I have never been pregnant before, I am very excited for this to happen, and to experience those precious few months when the belly is round, and you can really anticipate the arrival of your new family member.
on 06/10/2013
This is a moment that can be very scary for any woman but the point is that it is a good moment of life and we should enjoy at the best possible way, we need to learn more about ourselves and this is a good moment to feel very connected with our partner and the baby in a circle of love

on 23/06/2014

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