Energetic Treatment in Chinese Medicine Energetische Behandlung in der Chinesischen Medizin Tratamiento Energético en Medicina China

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Energetic Treatment in Chinese Medicine

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Energetic Treatment in Chinese Medicine

Dr. Antonio Merchant Preciado

Traditional medical systems have been present in all cultures. These disciplines have led to important medical systems such as Chinese medicine or Ayurveda in India. In these, the concept of energy medicine is present in all theories. In Chinese medicine we talk about qi, prana in India and in other cultures it comes to similar concepts such as Ki, Great Spirit, among others. The concept of the harmonious flow of this energy will prevent or cure the disease, and is present in all these beliefs.

There are various methods of handling this energy. Among them there are very simple as breathing or other more elaborate such as homeopathy. Therapies such as homeopathy, color therapy, magnet therapy, crystal therapy, reiki, therapeutic touch, among others, have tried to manipulate this energy. However, the study of these practices is recent in comparison to other long-lived disciplines. Among these disciplines we have qi gong (chi kung), tai chi (tai chi), tui na, shiatsu, yoga, meditation, among others. It is considered that these models are variants that use combinations of the concepts of Chinese medicine meridians, chakras and nadis of Ayurveda.

Many people do not find a place in health care for such therapies. The cases of qi gong healing have been documented throughout history and recent controlled studies have been cases of clear improvement. In addition to experimental evidence, there are certain aspects of current health systems that open the door to energy therapies, such as: lack of prevention has resulted as overweight in a population and chronic degenerative diseases, there is an inability to treat conditions related to stress, the prevalence of technology in place of the doctor-patient interaction, people's frustration with the existing model. In USA, a White House commission established that the focus of health should be in the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional problems in disease prevention. Something that is not being addressed by bio-medicine. If we add to this the inherent problems of pharmacology and resistance of microorganisms to the treatments, there is definitely room for energy practices.

Qi Gong related to Chinese medicine is documented from 4500 years ago, while tai chi is about 500. Today there are great teachers of this discipline that are able to perform acts that seem impossible. A clear example can be seen in the Shaolin monks who make presentations throughout the world. However, there are other aspects of these disciplines. There are people who practice them to preserve their own health and others who practice and use as therapy to heal the sick. This latest variant is the treatment we want to delve.

One question many people ask is how to awaken this ability to accumulate, move and deliver energy to heal another person. Chinese medicine through tai chi and qi gong, explains that first of all you have to perform is certain exercises. Qi gong has static and dynamic postures, while tai chi is dynamic, however the great masters of tai chi teach their students basic static qi gong to incorporate into their daily practice. Besides that contained some breathing exercises and meditation to complement the training.

The evidence of the effects of energetic treatment in Chinese medicine is obvious. We have investigated the qi gong for cardiovascular disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, nervous system regulation, anxiety, stress, surgical, endocrine function, cancer, immune function, pain management and substance abuse, among others. Tai chi has been studied mainly for prevention of falls, balance control, cardiovascular disease, pain management, fibromyalgia, arthritis, nervous system regulation, anxiety, stress and anti aging. In all cases, these therapies were not harmful and in some cases have shown that have excellent results.

It would be perfect if we could all spend a few minutes daily practicing these disciplines. However, due to our character and lifestyle, it is very difficult. That is why go to tai chi classes or treatment with a specialist in Chinese medicine to apply qi gong, which can provide many advantages. This cannot only benefit physically but also mentally, which will increase the sense of well being and enjoy life fully.

European Foundation of TCM - School of TCM - Guang An Men Clinics

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3 Reviews about Energetic Treatment in Chinese Medicine
on 22/07/2014
wow! all this talk about traditional chinese medicine and Tai Chi is really making me want to learn so much more about it. What a deep, thorough, and profound wisdom and healing base. I've never heard of Qi gong, but I am extremely interested in knowing more. Could you write an article exclusively on this subject?
on 30/01/2013
Alternative therapies and medicine should be more known by people, since they are very helpful to maintain a healthy balance in the body. But it?s true that we don?t practice the exercise because of lack of time or perseverance. I think people should be more informed about these topics, and you can do this through these articles.
on 06/06/2012
I have the following unresolved symptoms:
-low energy
-night sweats

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