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Stopping colds

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Stopping colds

Feeling like wanting to release some emotion that irritates us or makes us feel sad or guilty and do not do it, let this energy suppressed and blocked. If we hold what we feel and don’t allow flowing, this blockade will worsen. The word cold means "flowing". The cold is the reaction of the body to cleanse the body of waste materials that cannot be eliminated through the normal process before they are hardened and more difficult to expel. When we use artificial methods to stop or just take away the annoying symptoms of colds, what we are doing is causing these effects are acute and will soon be manifested in a more acute way. This is the same as often repressing or controlling what we feel deeply with superficial pleasures just removing the symptoms of unhappiness, without addressing the root of our feelings.

What causes colds?

The cold is caused by many "small reasons”, but mainly due to an erosion of the immune system and the presence of infections in the body. Another reason to consider is the fatigue, either physical, psychological or mental. This fatigue may have their roots in excessive work habits, prolonged confinement in a workplace, in an excessive vulnerability due to poor understanding emotional, or too exhausted to study. Surely food, like any other disease, has a role that cannot be forgotten. In this case, the cold may be caused by eating too scattered or bad combination in food for prolonged periods. Another of the causes includes drugs, syrups, pills and injections that, ultimately, cause a weakness in the immune system to the point that our natural defenses are harmed.

What can be done?

  • Rest as much as you can. Keep in mind that a tired body cannot function properly, cannot think or take appropriate decisions as it is too busy to eliminate excess toxic waste.
  • Relax, take into account that any abuse of tension or effort must be offset with an additional rest.
  • Note what you eat: the combination of foods is something that does not get much attention and that is something that really benefits. If you combine, for example, sugar or any food with any other sweet food, like a soda at lunch, what happens with this mix when it comes to reaching your stomach is that it requires some acidity to be digested. Therefore your digestion will become heavy and late. If a bad combination occurs several times a day, it drain and irritate the stomach, too much work not only leads to many diseases, but not supplying the stomach can steal "gasoline" for other body functions, such as your mood and your concentration. Soon we'll talk about the importance of the right combination of foods.
  • Clean body: take away the waste from the body, or a severe nasal congestion that makes us attract germs. For this, it is very important to pay attention especially to your food habits, as it may be that you're not eating properly and you're feeding just filling, or often eat junk food products.

Food and colds

As mentioned in past articles, you have to keep away industrialized products. Try to avoid bread (especially refined), potato starch and any heavier. Do not eat eggs or milk or cheese if the animal is cold sharp and insistent, and make your best effort to eliminate any meat or food containing sugar.

We recommend…

  • Consumption of soymilk or almond milk instead of animal milk (without abusing the almonds). Prefer tofu instead of the cheese animal.
  • At least consider 3 salads of fresh vegetables daily.
  • Prepare two liters of water with 5 tablespoons of chlorophyll per liter and drink during the day.
  • Prepares white tea or a tea with lemon sweetened with propolis and make it as hot as possible to sip before bedtime.
  • Take a capsule of garlic per day.
  • If your cold is chronic, you have to try three days of a diet of fresh vegetables and seeds (sesame, sunflower seeds) with lemon juice fasting (juice of two lemons per cup of warm water) and breakfast as light as you can, if possible just to take some citrus, some granola and a cup of tea.
  • A chronic runny nose requires that you take time off, without TV or radio, reading and simply contemplating your emotions without trial or guilty, let you feel deeply.
  • Look for a therapist specializing in aromatherapy, Bach Flowers, Reiki or Yoga or find valuable information in a book. Such alternatives are really beneficial to help balance your body in every way.

Emotions and colds 

One of the emotional causes of cold is that you have any non-recognized sadness or anger repeatedly that, ultimately, has become depressed and you've grown accustomed to a certain extent, to control and live with it, especially when your cold is common. The release from non-understanding of these emotions leads to overload the body's energy system and causing what is called a lock. Usually, when a disease is constant, it is because somehow the body needs to hear urgently. Being around with ourselves, just seeing and recognizing what causes us pain or irritation, is a release mechanism that uncovers what we were emotionally congested. True that the release of a lock may have rooted causes that require a more thorough path, we suggest you to be patient and seek some method of meditation that allows you to keep your mind focused on things that cause joy.

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2 Reviews about Stopping colds
on 22/10/2015
Yes, colds are caused by emotional issues, but there are physical issues as well, that can be treated on both the emotional and physical level. Personally I prefer using herbs and meditation and a fool-proof way of healing. My regimen works every time, and I haven't been sick in years!
on 01/12/2013
Well, you have to accept that the colds are caused by emotional causes, this is something that is not real for many people, but maybe it is, if you consider that your illness is constant and just make you feel depressed, it is like that your problem comes from the inside of your mind

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