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Emotions and health of your nervous system

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Emotions and health of your nervous system

In natural medicine we know a great secret, "the body's vitality depends on the strength of the brain." Our nervous system is one of the most comprehensive yet most mysterious parts of our body through it we receive, process and send information through countless nerve cells called neurons by a complex and extraordinarily clever and intelligent way that performs certain mechanisms for seeing, hearing, feeling, analyzing, organizing, responding, and saving your brain records and the experiences we undergo every day.

The nervous system is responsible for the control of body functions, as well as hormone regulation, movement, intellectual functions such as memory, learning, etc., and sensory functions.

One way of knowing the workings of our brain is through the emotions: whenever we feel anger, anxiety, depression and others is a way our brain tells us what is happening "up there" because emotions are, inter alia, biochemical reactions that occur in our brains and make us feel a certain mood during the day.

Nervous system health and emotions

Much could be taken into account so that our nervous system (or our brain) is always wide awake and in its most optimal level of functioning, helping to create for us a greater capacity to memory and learning an emotional world increasingly pleasant with which we can compare the experiences of everyday life.

Emotions are something that accompanies us throughout our lives, and they depend most of the time  on the welfare of our nervous system. There are many ways in which an individual may react to a situation, not everybody, for example, react with anger when they lose something, not everyone will feel depression or anxiety crisis, emotions are responses of our nervous system and they can help us create an exciting life or block the passage and constantly draw us to where we do not want. If we help our nervous system rather than blocking or weakening it, then this can be a truly formidable tool for creating and living life in a more interesting, pleasant and enthusiastic way.

5 ways to nurture and strengthen the nervous system:

FOOD: surely this is one of the most important factors as the food can block or allow flow of subtle brain functions. The best foods for the brain are fresh and raw foods, vegetable protein, ginseng, herbal teas and oat, sesame, almond, walnut milk and so on. Nuts are a special food for the brain as well as pollen, soy, dark green vegetables and foods rich in vitamin C. I must mention that refined sugar is a food injurious to health which directly affects the nervous system. Many of mental illness as well as anxiety attacks, depression, despair, anger and nervousness, are caused by white sugar. It is best to replace it with cereal flours molasses, honey and sweeten the less possible.

EXERCISE: The brain really enjoy the sport and movement activities: dancing, cycling, walking, running, etc., are great ways to relax the nervous functions, eliminate anxiety and stress and also oxygenate and activate brain functions positively.

ENVIRONMENT: did you know that one of the cures for nervous problems is beauty? order, cleanliness and beauty generate a truly refreshing and exquisite effect on the brain, beauty is the juice that feeds the brain, if you must strive to have the space where you live or work decorated with things you enjoy and you like, put vases of fresh flowers, pictures that produce pleasure, images that make you run away from time to time as places to enjoy like the countryside or the sea, try to have pleasant odors, smells of pine, rose, jasmine, lavender and citrus create environments of harmony and tranquility, and above all, try to be neat and tidy.

MEDITATION: the nervous system nourishes and feeds with images, which is why visualization and meditation are excellent ways to provide feedback on our brains. Besides searching moments where you can relax with depth, we need to observe what we think during the day, as our thoughts directly affect our moods. Watching what you say and think during the day is another form of active meditation, try to speak with patience and love, and put pictures in your head that give you joy and pleasure and do not depress you. By the same token, people should avoid pessimistic or gossiping, surround yourself with what you would like to grow in your life, things that you think promote energy and joy.

REST: Sleep is the time when all the body repairs and rearranges. If you do not get enough sleep, it is impossible that your emotions are in harmony, your nervous system will be tired and irritable, and you're more likely to be depressed, angry and despair. A person must sleep for 6 to 8 hours minimum for your brain to be in the best position to function during the day. Avoid falling asleep after watching television news or after a heated argument. It is best to always nurture your brain with things that you like, relax and bring peace, so that the information is fed back while you sleep.

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3 Reviews about Emotions and health of your nervous system
on 27/09/2014
I totally agree with the exercise portion of this article. I work at home on the computer, and have the beautiful advantage of being able to arrange by work according to my own schedule. In the middle of the day I intentionally take a 2 hour lunch break (if not more) to go for a run, eat my lunch, and get my head clear for the next section of the work day. It is invaluable.
on 01/06/2014
on 04/06/2013
I think that relaxation moments are also important to support the mind, I mean, get off the world from time to time to avoid falling into depression and other mental illness. All those recommendations seem perfect for me for a healthy mind and body, we all should keep this on mind all day.

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