Emotional Intelligence (Part 2) Emotionale Intelligenz (Teil 2) Inteligencia Emocional (2ª parte)

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Emotional Intelligence (Part 2)

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Emotional Intelligence (Part 2)

Many people live complexed for various reasons, being thin, fat, rare head, etc. creating breastplates that demonstrate the insecurity of the individual. We should think a bit and see that we all have faults, the difference is that some people know how to deal with them and others do not. But most important is that you can always improve and strive to not be what others want from us, but what we really want.

The human being that does not learn to control their emotions in the face of difficulties is doomed to be a slave. Do not let the environment control you, you are the domain of your life. To start, look in front and dare to be oneself, it is a challenge that is always a start, but really worth it.

Save a few minutes of your life to meditate silent.

Search now the energy you need to keep in balance. In silence, where the voice of wisdom has infinite echo, full of light and peace.

For the meditation to be effective, No thinking must be obtained with training, and thus be able to flow with Everything, as we are creatures of Everything, to have our space and lose the fear.

Solitude is for many reasons, but the most ignored is: we do not know how to deal with us. Eradicating it, we see that loneliness does not exist.

We love many people, but do we really love ourselves? We forgive others, but not ourselves. We fled of that we dislike, but isn’t that our mirror?

We may have as many questions as many answers we look.

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1 Reviews about Emotional Intelligence (Part 2)
on 27/09/2014
Short but sweet sequel to the first article. I'm really glad you mention meditation as a way of further getting to know ourselves. I began meditating a few years ago, and the more dedicated my practice becomes, the more I am impacted by its effects. This then, in turn, nourishes my desire to continue meditating.

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