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Emotional Diet for weight loss

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Emotional Diet for weight loss

If no diet works for you, or cost you much to lose weight quickly, then it seems that what we need now is to reach the merits. When there seems no remedy out there to help us either to heal or lose weight is that we need to consider the deeper root that is causing the problem: emotions.

Your emotional world, believe it or not, has a powerful influence on your body, which is like a sponge, absorbing and emitting energy transforms your emotions with states of health and bodily features. Although you do not realize all the time that each of your cells is absorbing energy of your emotional world. As the energy of your emotions, is that your body will feel and be seen. You can find out how your emotional world is if you look at your body and see how it feels and looks. If your body feels sore, tired, listless, or see little energy, slim, or too thin, etc., is no doubt that there is a mixed emotion that is feeding this condition.

Being overweight is a result of many things, but its deeper cause is the emotional message that you send to your body so that this will somehow behave well. That emotional message usually has to do with the way you react to different experiences that befall us. Each person, in their opinion and outlook on life, responds in a manner different from reality. This reaction depends on how we were brought up and our particular way of being and interpreting things. So if two people live in the same house with the same circumstances, the two will not always react the same. One can react with tears while the other could see something else in a situation that makes consider new alternatives. Each can play a unique way. This type of reaction is unique to each person sending emotional messages to the body, which begin to move about, to absorb and reflect later.

What emotional message causes obesity?

When someone feels insecure or threatened by something, then begins to generate a need for protection, the person feels must be on the defensive, having to hide or protect themselves. It's very interesting to see how the body understands this message, and begins to adapt to such messages, in this case, with layers of fat around the body. In some people, these resistors and uncertainties may result in a very rigid body and not just overweight, however, the difference between those with rigid body and those with hypersensitivity could be in the overweight or fat, you tend to overreact to the things that happen.

Anger and overweight

The accumulated anger is another emotion that could generate overweight. The accumulated anger is the result of insecurity, not expressed because there is fear of a reaction that is not desired, or simply express but feels that it is not understood, causing resentment or resistance to forgive. When anger is not expressed or understood, the person is in a constant defensive, being protected, and the body becomes this sense of defense in an armor of fat.

How to create a favorable emotional world to regain weight?

To understand the emotional world, you must first take into account that what you feel is neither bad nor good, that everything we feel is a way to adapt to it happens to us under our best resources and knowledge. If we consider that what we feel is wrong, then it will be difficult for us to do something, because we reject an important part of us that are our emotions.

A major cause of anger is to be waiting for something or someone to behave the way we want or expect. In essence, anger is but a kind of selfishness, believing that the other should do, say or think about certain things. If we are constantly waiting for the other, then we will feel very insecure.

Emotional Diet

Diet is emotional, first discard what is useless, in this case, we need emotional cleansing. So the first thing to do is get rid of all those "poisons" thoughts that cause one remains in a position of victim or insecurity. The formula to make is that every time you are attacked by something or someone, or you remember something from the past that made you feel very angry, they need to begin to let the attacks and begin to recognize that no person must do or tell you what you expect or want, that nobody is responsible for your happiness, that belongs to you. Allow means that you start to remove the power of your performance to others, and you start to pick up. So if you feel very angry about something and you cannot express or feel misunderstood, tell yourself "I am willing to mature and be responsible for the life I want".

The thoughts that you should begin to "have" each day and whenever you remember are those that inspire you to give you security and trust in yourself. Therefore, you must avoid "junk thoughts" as critical to yourself or severe auto demand, which only make you feel insecure. Surround yourself with thoughts that give you security and nurture your heart with strength and security, this will gradually begin to delve further into those things that make you feel very vulnerable and insecure, and slowly begin to take them out of your life with a new understanding.

Although it may seem very unreasonable, this all has to do with being overweight. If you combine a good diet with exercise and this emotional diet, you will see that you slowly begin to fade overweight, and above all, and not going back to retrieve it, because if you manage to eradicate the cause of energy, being overweight cannot take place. Have you seen people who eat everything and never get fat? It is because they have no energy that makes them prone to be fat. Feel like trying it? Remember that in this world you can lose nothing but doubt.

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3 Reviews about Emotional Diet for weight loss
on 23/04/2015
I think it's really important to look at one's emotions when trying to lose weight, because our motivation (an emotion), our fears adn worries taht drive over-eating (again...emotions), and even stress (emotion) levels affect the way the body operates, and our desires to continue over-eating.
on 29/06/2014
on 26/05/2013
I been doing diet from a couple f months ago and it seems like I have no good results, I didn?t know what happened but maybe my mind is reacting in a bad way and is keeping the fat even though I?d hard diets and a lot of exercise! Thanks for recommendations I will keep this on my mind all the time.

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