Elimination of toxins, Chinese Medicine and Healthy Lungs Ausscheidung von Giftstoffen, Chinesische Medizin und gesunde Lunge Pulmón saludable, Eliminación de Toxinas y Medicina China

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Elimination of toxins, Chinese Medicine and Healthy Lungs

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Elimination of toxins, Chinese Medicine and Healthy Lungs

The lung is an organ closely related to the elimination of toxins from the body, is connected with the intestines, skin (considered the third lung), and external pathways of the body such as nose, ears, eyes, etc. In Chinese medicine, the lung is considered a Yin organ, organs that can be easily affected as they are more exposed to external pathogenic factors, in this case, the lung is one of the most susceptible organs to the outside world, so it tends to react very easily to the climate, air, etc.

When the body is poisoned and lungs are weak or imbalanced, the body begins to accumulate debris and unnecessary or chemical substances, which causes symptoms like dry skin, dandruff, enlarged pores, blackheads, excessive mucus or crusting, body odor, flatulence, intestinal problems, asthma, allergies, lung problems such as cough, flu, colds, pulmonary emphysema, etc.

As the lung is the primary caregiver of circulating energy (Qi) through the body, other symptoms that can occur when it is intoxicated or functions poorly are apathy, fatigue, low mood, pessimism, depression and sadness.

The accumulation of toxins and a diseased lung may be due to:

  • A diet low in nutrients.
  • Low fiber intake.
  • Low or no consumption of pure water.
  • Low intake of vitamin C.
  • Smoking.
  • Exposure to strong odors, chemicals and irritants such as cleaning products, detergents, soaps, etc.
  • Contaminated air.
  • Feelings of depression.

Healthy lung

To maintain a healthy lung is necessary to maintain a clean and sleek body, and attend to the proper drainage of toxins combined with good breathing and skin exfoliation. Also, consider the emotional, as depression, sadness or pessimistic frequent spoil the smooth flow of energy and damage lung.

Detoxification diet

For a good lung function the following foods are recommended:

  • Daily consumption of vitamin C. Drinking citrus juice in the morning is a great way to help remove toxins, mucus and accumulated fat in the body.
  • Drink enough water: two liters or more are required.
  • Eat fresh vegetables, either in salads or juices, which will maintain a good flow and good lung connection with the intestines.
  • Foods rich in antioxidants, like sprouts, avocado, garlic, onions, berries, strawberries, citrus, etc., They are great to keep the kidney in optimal condition.
  • You should avoid: harmful foods like refined carbohydrates (sugars, candy, sodas, white bread, etc.) These products saturate the intestines of toxins and prevent the proper disposal of waste from the body.

Exfoliation, sweat and skin

The skin is considered the "third lung". Excessive or spontaneous sweating, or the inability to sweat, are also related to lung function and skin problems, related to an excess of toxins due to the inability of the body to disposal them. The accumulation of debris under the skin cause problems such as dermatitis, acne, fungus, blackheads, dry skin, very fatty areas, etc. As well as smell in feet, armpits, bad breath, etc.

On the skin, you should avoid accumulation of dead cells so it can breathe. Exfoliate twice a week with green or pink clay. Also, you can follow these tips:

Dry skin: when you get out of bed, run a wet cloth around the entire body except the face. Start with the legs from the bottom. The cold water will cause the blood to heat the cooled zone and in contact with air, toxins will be removed. Then apply a moisturizer.

Smelly feet: put in a basin with warm salt water, immerse the feet to the ankles and leave for a while until the water cools. Wash, dry and apply a moisturizer.

Breathing to circulate toxins

Breathing is essential for the elimination of toxins, hence the importance of exercise.

Exercise should be practiced daily to maintain healthy lungs. Aerobic exercise is the most desirable because it distributes blood, energy and nutrients throughout the body vigorously, pushing out toxins and waste.
In addition, practice breathing exercises is an efficient way to keep all the internal organs well-watered of oxygen and well-functioning. Certain Yoga breathing practices suggest ways for this purpose.
Proper breathing should be deep and calm, avoid shallow breathing, while avoiding areas with contaminated air or with toxic substances.

Abdominal breathing, which is to inflate the abdomen as you inhale, is great way to fill the inner organs with energy and helping to evacuate accumulated toxins and harmful gases.

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3 Reviews about Elimination of toxins, Chinese Medicine and Healthy Lungs
on 22/07/2014
You don't frequently think of toxins accumulating in the lungs outside of tobacco smoking. I'm really glad you're writing so many great articles on Chinese medicine, I feel I'm beginning to understand a little more how exactly this philosophy and practice is put together. The breathing exercises are a good idea - Thanks for the great info.
on 10/12/2012
I thought that just avoiding snuff and contamination you could have great lungs but now I know that?s not the case. I really appreciate this new information, it may be helpful for every person who want to have a healthy body and mind as well.
on 28/04/2012
Thank you for this wonderfull article. I liked very much !!!

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