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Eleven Tips to Avoid Cellulite

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Eleven Tips to Avoid Cellulite

Cellulite is a problem that affects 80% of women and alarmingly this percentage is increasing. If you do not want to belong to this large affected group, here we will give you 11 simple tips to put into practice and keep skin free of these unsightly marks that resemble an orange skin.

First, it is important to know what cellulite is, what factors cause or aggravate it and if it is possible to erase or only attenuate it.

Fat accumulation

Cellulite is the alteration of connective tissue cells which connect muscles to the skin. It develops in the uppermost part of our three layers of fat. It is understood that cellulite is a buildup of fluid, fat and toxins.

Several factors

It is not simply a matter of age or being overweight, however it is exclusively a woman's problem. Usually it appears after puberty, pregnancy or menopause, commonly caused by hormonal disorders and alterations when metabolizing fat in localized areas.
If you look, you can find cellulite on the upper medial and lateral thighs, maybe in the buttocks, hips, inner and upper parts of the knee, or the insides of the arms.

Why does it appear?

There has been talk that its appearance is almost inevitable in females, but it cannot be denied that obesity is a major contributing factor, along with sedentary lifestyles and the misuse of alcohol and tobacco. Stress can also be found on this black list, along with an unhealthy and calorific diet.

We can also suffer cellulite if we have circulatory problems and of course, genetic predisposition plays a part too.

Take note of the Eleven Tips

It's time to take note of the eleven tips we have detailed for you. Basically the key is to choose the healthiest foods and try to exercise as often as possible. Watch what you eat and leave behind any bad eating habits.

1. Consume Potassium

Potassium is a great ally in the fight against cellulite if you already have it, but in turn promotes and improves blood circulation to aid prevention in the first instance. Good sources of potassium can be found in bananas, avocados, carrots and other foods like spinach.

2. Drink water

Drink plenty of water from the moment you get up out of bed to start your day until you go to bed at night. This helps to improve circulation and improves your digestive system. You can drink pure water or water with a little lemon juice. Remember that juices do not count, it is better to drink liquid without any sugar content.

3. Eating times

Make it easy for yourself and do not skip meals: It is advisable to consume five meals per day. Living a stressful lifestyle with bad eating habits, combined with a lack of exercise are all favourable conditions for the emergence and development of cellulite.

4. Climbing stairs

If you do not have too much time for the gym, climbing stairs is an option for exercise, activating the heart and circulation and, therefore, fights skin which has the appearance of orange peel. Do not waste time and be more active!

5. Avoid tight clothing

Wearing clothes which are too tight for you may impede circulation and hinder reverse venous and lymphatic drainage, thereby promoting the appearance of cellulite.

6. Apply creams

Most formulas are created to use in the morning and evening. Spread them with massaging movements across your skin. Movements should always be toward the heart. For the legs, just make a circle with both hands and work up from the ankles to the abdomen, constantly applying upward pressure. On the abdomen it is best to perform a massage in concentric circles.

7. Baths for Hands and Feet

Use celandine herbs or ponytail. Try massaging yourself with your fingertips to break up cellulite cells and affirm tissues.

8. Practice sport

Swimming, biking, or taking a walk (in sand if possible) are the best exercises to fight cellulite.

9. Sculpting your skin

The emotional field also plays an important role in the formation of cellulite: Release any stress and anger inside of your body. With this in mind, try to brush your skin with a natural bristle brush once a day.

10. Take natural fibres

The natural fibres in food help your digestive system function properly and filter out any toxins.

11. Apply massages

The stimulation of the skin for a few minutes each day promotes proper blood circulation and removes deposits of fat. If you are using anti-cellulite cosmetics, do not forget that they will be more effective with massage.

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10 Reviews about Eleven Tips to Avoid Cellulite
on 13/01/2016
These tips seem helpful, but it must be accentuated: Most, if not ALL women are going to get cellulite at some point in their life - it's just a matter of time. The fat masses in your body change throughout your life (be it through excercising, dieting, becoming severely ill or just through old age) and so at some point the skin is going to sag. The best way to put this off from happening for longer is by regular and sweat-inducing exercise!
on 12/08/2014
These all sounds like great tips, and I'm sure they are. I have one sure-fire way to make sure you never have cellulite though, there's just a lot of people who don't want to put the work into it. If you really don't want celulite, you're also going to have to really want to get in shape. You can't just make such a drastic figure change without changing the way you think and live as well. So get on the bike. ride, and ride, and ride your toosh off. Bicycle riding is THE BEST and the most FUN way to tone your legs.
on 17/06/2014
I agree, cellulite is a really disgusting think. It doesn´t have age. If you increase you weight or lose it suddenly cellulite may appear. I know that massages are good for cellulites; I try once, but it hurt me a lot. But there is nothing better than exercises, if I had to recommend something would be this.
on 16/06/2014
I've always been so scared that I'll get cellulite but I was never sure where it came from, until now! I thought that simply by eating well and avoiding weight gain I'd be free of them but now I'm worried to learn that anxiety plays an important factor. It's hard to keep anxiety from your life entirely especially when there's so many things to factor in such as work, children, partner and social life as well as the obvious time and financial constraints.

It's very useful to learn that tight clothing could potentially exacerbate the problem; I'll try to avoid them in future!

on 15/06/2014
It's really hard to eliminate cellulite and I think most women in the world hate it. I did not know about potassium, so I will take it into account.
on 13/06/2014
Cellulite is a problem for all women and we fight against it for decades. I follow many of the tips here, but it is not so easy to eradicate it. So I will probably try a esthetic treatment in the future if it gets worse.
on 13/06/2014
I declare myself a victim of this evil enemy. I have come to the conclusion that there are not enough ways to combat cellulite, it is a tough enemy and it does not leave easily. I practice sports regularly and I go to the gym every day, yet I cannot get rid of it. However, it is true that I love eating and sometimes I eat certain foods that are not as healthy as they should be, perhaps that is the clue.

I will definitely put some of these interesting tips into practice, maybe I should try the massages with anti-cellulite cream. I did not know about tight clothing either. Let´s hope we defeat cellulite.

on 12/06/2014
I didn't know about tight clothing. Good tips! Will try some of them for sure.
on 12/06/2014
I didn't know about tight clothing. Good tips! Will try some of them for sure.
on 01/06/2014
I HAVE IT! and need to stop it because it makes me feel so bad about myself :( I hate it... I hope this works,,, sinceI was opting for surgery

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