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Elevated bilirubin and liver health

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Elevated bilirubin and liver health

Bilirubin is a yellow or orange bile pigment. This pigment is the result of the degradation of hemoglobin. Bilirubin is a compound poorly soluble in water and is potentially toxic and harmful.

Bilirubin is emulsified in the liver with glucuronic acid, resulting in a “direct” bilirubin which is soluble, non-toxic and easily excreted through the bile. 

High bilirubin 

High bilirubin levels are known as hyperbilirubinemia, and this is known as jaundice. Normal levels of jaundice are among 1mg/dL. When these levels rise between 2 and 3 mg / dL, then there is clinical detection of jaundice. 

When this increase in bilirubin is direct or conjugated, it is eliminated through the urine, which produces a characteristic dark color that goes by the name of dark urine. While the recovery process occurs in the prolonged jaundice, dark urine can wane or disappear but jaundice may still prevail, so there is no sign that this has diminished. 

Otherwise, when there is bile duct obstruction or accentuated deficiency in hepatic excretion of bilirubin, it does not reach the intestine, which causes the brown color of stool to be whitish (this is known as acolia). 

Causes of high bilirubin

The detection of high bilirubin may be direct or indirect. The indirect hyperbilirubinemia is incensement of bilirubin by increasing the catabolism of hemoglobin as in the case of hemolytic anemia or Gilbert's syndrome, which is characterized by a decreased ability of hepatic conjugation of bilirubin. A rare cause is the Crigler-Najjar syndrome, usually diagnosed at birth with jaundice pronounced than 20 mg / dL for type I Crigler-Najjar.

Direct hyperbilirubinemia is associated with liver when is weak and has insufficient capacity of excretion. 

Increased direct bilirubin may be caused by several reasons: 

  • Acute Hepatitis: When the liver suffers from acute inflammation can cause marked elevations of bilirubin due to deficiency of hepatic excretion.
  • Obstruction of the bile duct, which occurs when there are gallstones, or liver tumors in the bile duct or pancreas. 
  • Diseases of the liver as cirrhosis, hepatotoxicity and more. 
  • Cirrhosis: This liver disease can cause progressive elevation of bilirubin. It is noteworthy that the increase of bilirubin is a reaction that takes place relatively late in chronic liver disease, and reflects significant damage of liver function. 
  • Rotor syndrome and Dubin-Johnson may cause isolated elevations of direct bilirubin. 

How to lower the bilirubin naturally? 

The elevated bilirubin speaks generally of a weak liver, so you should focus on trying to strengthen the liver and remove the excess of toxins and help the recovery of the liver by diet. 

Restoring Diet 

  • It is recommended to eat for two consecutive days only a fruit: pineapple, oranges or grapes (choose only one). Eat only these during the day, along with two liters of pure water dosed.
  • Then the third day, start to introduce foods gradually eliminating the following: sugar and refined flour, eggs, cow's milk and derivatives, red meat, processed food (junk), sausages and fried. Diet should be based on vegetables, whole grains, and vegetable milks and oils. 
  • Drinking two liters of water a day is essential to begin a process of purification of toxins and harmful fats. 
  • The tea should not miss in your diet. Tea or infusion of artichoke is excellent for purifying and strengthening the liver, as well as tea of milk thistle, dandelion, vervain, and more.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol, and try not to eat sweet drinks, or mixed fruit for lunch. This is very important because if you mix fruit or sugary food with food, they will ferment and produce alcohol, so even if you do not take alcohol, it is as if you did. 
  • Drink a glass of vegetable juice daily. The best is the aloe and carrot, or tomato, alfalfa and celery. 
  • Start the day drinking on an empty stomach one dandelion tea with the juice of a squeezed lemon. Drink warm, immediately after you have squeezed the lemon. 

Other tips 

  • Lack of exercise causes many imbalances and disorders of the body including the liver malfunction. So try to exercise, because a sedentary lifestyle will not help your recovery. You must practice daily at least 20 minutes of walking, cycling or jogging. Yoga is very beneficial for the body in general. 
  • Try to rest properly, as any abuse of rest weakens the liver. 

A secret to heal liver 

If you get angry often or you keep your feelings inside (especially anger), your liver will suffer with no doubt. You need to learn how to release your anger in a way that will not harm to you or to others. Venting anger is very healthy. Try going to a place where you can mourn off steam, hit a pillow or even cry on your pillow or in the car. If you do not release your anger, it is stored in your body, and holds a lot of tension in it. Once you release the anger, try to understand new ways to interact and learn from experience, because remember that everything that happens is a challenge to learn to know you better and I magnify your power.

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8 Reviews about Elevated bilirubin and liver health
on 17/09/2017
squeezed lemon Drink make gas.so what should i do.i am a HBsAg carrier what should i do,i visit some prof.doctor in my country, but they didn't give me any treatment. would u like to help me or advise me.
on 20/10/2016
Hi,i have liver problem (gilbert's syndrom) since last 7 months..i had done several traeatments..but no improvement.someone told me about "echinacea juice" so i need suggesstions.had anyone tired this???
on 10/01/2016
my bilirubin 3.2 and direct is 0.8 how to reduce my bikirubin level quickly for my medical test for visa
on 05/05/2016
How to reduce bilirubin fast for my medical visa
on 10/10/2014
very interesting article and all are relevant... I found my mistakes and the conseques are with me.... thanks for the remedies...
on 20/08/2014
This is a very interesting article, and of particular personal importance to me and my family. A few years ago, my youngest niece was born with this very strange and uncommon liver disease, where there was a problem with her biliruben levels, and they didn't think she would make it past her first few days of life. The hospital did a great job of treating her, and she underwent a long series of testing, treatments, etc. She still has to take medication everyday for the rest of her life, but she hasn't needed surgery yet, and she seems to be growing fine. She's now almost 6 years old.
on 30/03/2013
it is cause by fast food doctor told me those problems were caused by accumulated stress so I really recommend to steam off emotions that could cause several conditions.
on 07/01/2013
I had liver problems time ago and I?m so glad they?re gone because that situations is really painful, not only for you but for the other people that take care of you if you are lucky. My doctor told me those problems were caused by accumulated stress so I really recommend to steam off emotions that could cause several conditions.

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