ECOTUR promotes bird activity in Spain ECOTUR fördert Vogelbeobachtung in Spanien ECOTUR promociona la actividad ornitológica en España

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ECOTUR promotes bird activity in Spain

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ECOTUR promotes bird activity in Spain

Since this July, the ECOTUR portal promotes ECO-BIRDING of all Spain. The project was conceived with the aim to make this with a wealth of resources to practice in Spain.

Talking about ornithology in Spain, the traveler has many places to practice, but are poorly understood. This project aims to attract the birdwatchers who come to our country to enjoy their passion in environments with rich bird resources.

ECOTUR developed in collaboration with governments and associations, a page that offers key information for tourists. You will discover on our website all you need. So our site contains a page dedicated to birding. News, tips, accommodation, reserves and guides and most importantly, the main places where this practice is performed are presented on the website. As a guide, we aim to guide individuals and professionals in the industry, being the meeting point of information.

To give security to the traveler, criteria were established: the Eco-BIRDING. Accommodations that meet these criteria, available on our website, are listed in our section of ornithology as the place of interest. That is the guarantee for birdwatchers that really need the service. These criteria are the result of our experience based on observation and questionnaire for birdwatching enthusiasts.

Our aim is that this activity is practiced in the best possible conditions for both the starting point for the true fans, having all the information they need to enjoy the stay, they know where to go and what they can observe.

We intend to participate in the conservation of the environment, convinced that the more people know about nature, the more people care for it.

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1 Reviews about ECOTUR promotes bird activity in Spain
on 09/10/2014
I just love birds!! And I'm so glad I read this article. In the last place we lived, we raised ducks from hatchlings, and they were the brightest joys in our lives. We don't have any children, but our ducks were something like "babies" to us. They are so smart, and much more complex than most people realize.

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