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ECOTECA - Organic Food Fair

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ECOTECA - Organic Food Fair

The second ECOTECA, organic food fair will be held from June 13th to 15th at the Recinto Ferial of Tarragona

Contest aims to promote the market and consumption of organic products.

Ecoteca is an exclusive exhibition area of organic food and is the meeting point for producers, distributors, processors and consumers. The exhibitors of the fair have the seal of certification products of CCPAE (Catalan for Ecological Agricultural Production), which represents and warrants the quality of all products.

During the three days of the fair was conducted to show the properties of these foods: tastings of organic produce, cooking workshops, conferences. On Saturday morning, the cook Isma Prados, Television program Catalunya, Cuina bé amb, shows an exhibition kitchen offered to all visitors to the fair Ecoteca.

Hours of the fair will be 11 to 21 hours, except on Friday that the opening will be from 18 h. More information:

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1 Reviews about ECOTECA - Organic Food Fair
on 30/08/2015
These fairs are so cool, I'd really like to go to another one soon....especially in spain! We have an organic produce truck that comes up to the town we live, in the summers, and that's almost like a "fair", but this sounds amazing!

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