Ecorex: Network of development of Agroecology Ecorex. Netzwerk Entwicklung Agrarökologie ECOREX. Red de desarrollo integral de la Agroecología

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Ecorex: Network of development of Agroecology

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Ecorex: Network of development of Agroecology

The county Las Villuercas, Jara and Ibores participate in the creation of a network of integrated development of agroecology.

Local Action Group, Aprodervi participates in a network of agriculture called Ecorex, thanks to funding SEXPE by Decree 33 and the bet made by the Association of Landscape Ecology and Gender, will serve as a tool to develop the potential of this type of agriculture in Extremadura.

These technicians and drivers of the project have begun visiting the Extremadura region, including Villuercas, Ibores and Jara, trying to involve producers, processors, consumers, and related technical production, with the order to develop a strategic plan that will allow planning actions for the future.

Aprodervi value this positive initiative, especially when working on the future of rural development and European guidelines for promoting this type of agriculture production systems. They also consider the needed cooperation between different groups to address the development of this agriculture. Specifically, this region offers exceptional possibilities for organic agriculture and livestock, as there are orographic conditions inappropriate for intensive regimes and that makes a predominance of quality over quantity.

The first action of this project will be undertaken in the coming weeks with the launch of a workshop where all stakeholders represent a county and where they can emerge from the first ideas for the creation of this network.

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1 Reviews about Ecorex: Network of development of Agroecology
on 26/10/2015
I love seeing how people band together to work for a common goal, this is the way to get things done. I fear that all too often in our individualistic society, we feel that we can grunt our way through big jobs by ourselves, but the truth is, we need each other, so make a network!

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