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Ecoracimos 2007

María Eugenia Rozas will direct the VIII edition of the national contest-tasting of wines from Organic Agriculture, Ecoracimos 2007, convened by the National Agriculture Ecological Fair BioCórdoba.

Rozas, which led Ecoracimos 2006, is director of the Laboratory of Sensory Analysis (LAS), a collaborator of the Guide CAMPSA, committee member of wine tasting Madrid, taster of recognized internationally.

Ecoracimos 2007, nationwide organic wines contest officially recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, will be held on September 15th in the capital of Córdoba with the presence of the finest examples of organic wines nationwide.

With this event, BioCórdoba 2007 aims to spread excellence in ecological viticulture, a practice that each year takes on more weight and prestige in the food industry due to strict quality controls applied at all processes and the excellence of taste and bouquet.

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1 Reviews about Ecoracimos 2007
on 25/10/2014
I've read a couple of these articles, but they're all fairly lacking in detail regarding who is present during these events and what exactly is going on. Do you have any more information regarding when the next competition will be going on, and who exactly is allowed to participate?

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