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Ecological Association Centaurea

The Sierra de Guadarrama still has a high environmental value and cultural landscape. But still very few advocates, too few for the many increasingly projects that are threatening it.

To advance the conservation and protection of these values, especially for its Castilian-Leonese, the villages of San Rafael Segovia and El Espinar Association arises in 1997.

We believe that true development does not involve destruction. This, however, in addition to encouraging new sectors and activities compatible with the environment, ensures that the traditional activities, which give wealth to the area today, such as livestock, timber harvesting and tourism balanced may be maintained in the long term and developed properly in a sustainable manner.

What we do?

  • We want the Sierra de Guadarrama and its significant environmental values, landscape and culture with the highest and effective legal mechanisms for protection.
  • For this, we are working, first, to ensure a proper management of natural resources in the Sierra de Guadarrama and its environment.
  • That management should leave a number of protection, including the National Park of the Sierra de Guadarrama, whose boundaries are working correctly.
  • To achieve these objectives, we worked with other associations in Madrid and Segovia in the "Sierra Allende," by which we aim to achieve a rapprochement between the peoples living on both sides of the Sierra de Guadarrama as well as seeking a better understanding of these mountains and its surroundings, spreading its outstanding historical, cultural and environmental issues, and assist in the protection of this particular site.
  • They are also included in the Sierra de Segovia Platform, which includes the area neighborhood associations, environmental, defense of cultural heritage and collective farmers, all of them in the towns of Segovia slope of the Sierra del Guadarrama and Segovia capital.
  • Meanwhile, we take legal recourse against those who break the draft European directives on the environment as well as state and autonomic regulation.
  • For example, we managed to save the Field Azálvaro be crossed by a toll road that the Ministry of Development built.
  • Work to improve water quality in our rivers, promoting proper water purification that they had been dumped and to ensure that their ecological flow is maintained.
  • Another goal is to promote appropriate plans for reducing, reusing and recycling waste, and to eliminate the uncontrolled landfills and illegal dumping of rubble and garbage.
  • Pressed to try to achieve a sustainable management of our forests.
  • Activities of environmental education and awareness of our environment.

Collaborates with Centaurea

Making the pattern of development of our society based on sustainability is clearly a long-term, but that requires a daily work from this very moment.

In Centaurea, passively we lament to think that damage to the environment is useless. We also believe that a group of well-organized and clear objectives can make things change for the better.

We need active people and wanting to change things: collaborate or become a partner of Centaurea

Association Centaurea

Apartado de correos, 35
40400 El Espinar (Segovia)
info (at) Centaurea
tel: 616 921 669

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1 Reviews about Ecological Association Centaurea
on 08/10/2014
How interesting! This magazine talk about a lot of places I've never heard of, and now after hearing all these amazing agritucltural (and cultural) movements taking place in these more obscure regions of Spain, I am even more driven to visit Spain. I would really like to see how these areas function in real life.

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