Organic agriculture and livestock in national parks Ökologische Landwirtschaft und Viehzucht in Nationalparks Agricultura y ganadería ecológica en parques naturales

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Organic agriculture and livestock in national parks

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Organic agriculture and livestock in national parks

The meeting will be held this year in the national parks of the Sierra Subbetic, Sierras de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas and Sierra Nevada

The Andalusian has organized a conference of agriculture and livestock to be held at different parks of Andalusia in order to boost this production in protected natural areas. Agriculture and livestock products allow to obtain high added value and enhance the productive diversity, so that the economy of the population engaged in these activities are strengthened and promoted rural development.

The conference, which started on November 22nd in the Natural Park of Sierra Subbetic (Córdoba ), will focus basically on a graphic and audiovisual presentation on organic production and institutional support for development and promotion, as well as in a sample and tasting organic products. Alongside other techniques, recreational and dining activities for ranchers, farmers, school and family environment will be held.

The initiative, organized by the Board through the Ministries of Environment and Agriculture and Fisheries, will be held over four days in each natural area. This year will be organized in the parks of the Sierras de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas, in the town of Génave, and Sierra Nevada, in Láujar Andarax.

The Natural Sierra Subbetic Park, has an area of 32,056 hectares of which 2,554 are certified organic. Organic products that are developed in this area are mainly olive, quince and other fruit, almonds, Horticulture and different pastures. This natural area, declared a natural park in 1988, includes the municipalities of Cabra, Carcabuey, Doña Mencia, Aznájar, Luque, Priego de Cordoba, Rute and Zueros that make up a population of about 71,000 inhabitants.

Natural Parks are protected areas of high ecological value, occupying Andalusia over 1.4 million hectares (16 % of the Andalusian area) surface. In these spaces, natural areas for agricultural, livestock and forestry activities are combined, making them in areas critical to the development of agriculture and livestock.

Source: Government of Andalusia

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