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Ecologic Natural Spa

Centers Ecologic Natural Spa are goal do its utmost for the customer to feel the comfort while enjoying one of many treatments to relax in the thermal circuit or watch your body and mind in the fitness area.

Spas are created in order to offer a select and distinguished guests, a personal and above all effective in a sophisticated and discreet. The soft candlelight, relaxing music with nice subtle sounds of nature, the sweet aroma of incense and essences... All this and more, helping to create the ideal environment for the perfect treatment.

Ecologic Natural Spa is also working with cosmetics of the highest quality. Your professional therapists with the whole team Ecologic Natural Spa , will do everything we can to make your spa experience is unforgettable, and leave feeling renewed outside and inside.


From simple shaving to the most exotic ritual, the menu of treatments includes a wide range of services, therapies and treatments, all designed to watch, relax and above all provide results you're looking for, require and deserve.



Whatever your skin type, let your face free of urban environment and your therapist will flood during whims of any of our luxurious facial treatments.


Exfoliate, reaffirm, hydrate your body or try the Specialized Body Treatments which uses the most advanced care for your skin and enhance your silhouette.

  • Skin
  • Specialized Body Treatments

Manual therapy welfare

You close your eyes, relax and let yourself be carried away ... Specialists will do the rest.

  • Massages
  • Classics - Wonders of the Orient

Hydrotherapy and thalassotherapy

In the Scandinavian countries, people take saunas for years as health and beauty therapy ... In countries like Turkey, the hammams or steam baths were also a meeting point where people came together to wash and groom ... For centuries and centuries, the ancient civilizations incorporated sea water and algae in their rituals of beauty and medical treatments ... Now you can benefit of all the properties and the most precious treasure: water.

Beauty treatments

Enjoy a wonderful pedicure, give yourself a professional makeup session for that special occasion or to grant any of a caprice with various beauty treatments.

Fast therapies

Both for those who do not have time for long sessions of treatments, such as those who want to add some extra treatment, the therapies are ideal for trying something new or complementary treatment.

Thermal Circuit

In the thermal circuit of Ecologic Natural Spa, you can enjoy all benefits of water in a luxurious and sophisticated thermal, with the most modern and advanced facilities. Pools jets, showers of essences, the sources of ice ... Spas in everything you need for your body and mind for absolute well-being. In addition, each spa are several routes of approximately 60 minutes each that will guide you on how to use the facilities according to the effect that you want to achieve (Anti-Stress, Anti-cellulite, etc.).


Centers in Ecologic Natural Spa also has an extensive fitness area, including a room activities, and of course a gym with the most advanced equipment and cardiovascular fitness.


From the subtle minimalist decor to the innovative style and creativity in hairdressing and attention to the details of their clients find the hairdressers of Ecologic Natural Spa much more than a hairdresser.


Why settle for just a few treatments? Try few hours, a weekend, a week or 10 days and escape to Ecologic Natural Spa to disconnect and relax paradisiac welfare programs.

World spa boutique

In each of the spas you find an area with a Boutique which sets the majority of cosmetic products that are used in therapy to continue and / or supplement their treatment and experience in Spa at house. In addition it also offers a variety of accessories and gifts, and products for personal use.

For customers who have no possibility to move to one of the Spas and wish to purchase products from the Spa Boutique World, is the possibility of sending the products directly to your home.


Ecologic Cosmetics:

To celebrate a decade in the market, Ecologic Cosmetics is preparing a new look more modern and more sophisticated, but of course very organic and natural. Therefore it is offering a special promotion: 2 + 1

With the purchase of any products on offer you get another gift like it!

Ecologic Spa Centers in Spain

  • Blau Porto Petro - SantanyíEcologic Natural Spa
  • Barceló Cala Viñas - Calviá
  • Ecologic Natural Spa Barceló Pueblo Menorca - Punta Prima (San Luis)

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1 Reviews about Ecologic Natural Spa
on 01/06/2015
This sounds great!! I'm getting married this july and as a wedding treat, my mother is paying for my fiance and I to go to a spa and get treated for the day! It's definitely more of a girly thing, but I think my new husband will find use of it too!!

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