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Ecocultura 2007

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Ecocultura 2007

Ecocultura, the Fair of Organic Product which is held in Zamora (Spain) on days 12th, 13th and October 14th, 2007, has already become a reference point such as call border producers, processors and distributors of organic products.

Over 100 exhibitors from all sectors will gather in this fourth edition, which will have a marked professional attitude and that, as in previous years, will be complemented by a number of parallel activities, such as lectures, panel discussions, tastings, tasting directed encounters, etc.

The only fair of its kind being held in Castilla y Leon and is a unique opportunity for cross-border meeting as processors and distributors of organic products of the two countries. Ecocultura is also now a fair reference to the national scene.

Every year, exhibitors of various products are quoted in this fair, like wine, oil, vegetables, cereals and pulses, rice, fish products, bee keeping, bread, milk, preserves, meat and sausages, chocolate, bakery... etc. Also sectors like textiles, cosmetics, bio-elements ... and so on.

Addition to the exhibition and sale of products, Ecocultura is the place for missions or meetings between professionals, which each year has the presence of large national and international distributors.

The technical seminars and panel discussions scheduled at the exhibition explores the sector of organic production in Spain and Portugal. The topics addressed include issues such as health and food consumption, production and processing, marketing ... and so on.

There were also targeted tastings, workshops and educational activities and entertainment for school.

During the week of the fair, you can taste organic menus in various restaurants in the city and province. Also at the fair itself, an Eco-bar allows visitors to taste food and menu prepared from organic products.

As for the forms of participation in Ecocultura can be done as an exhibitor, as a visitor, participating in professional meetings and through the bulletin board that enables the fair to facilitate the establishment of business contacts.

In Ecocultura you can participate in different ways:

As an exhibitor : 

All producers, companies, associations, institutions, organizations, etc. related to the sector of organic products certified. Ecocultura participation is cost-free for exhibitors putting the organization at the disposal of the stands. Preregistration bulletin and other conditions of participation may be found in the section as Exhibitor Registration

As visitor: 

Ecocultura will take place in a series of meetings among professionals of organic products in order to facilitate business contacts and opportunities business which may involve not only the exhibitors but also all the visitors, producers, companies, associations, etc.. who are working in this sector and have been accredited for this purpose at this website.


Ecocultura have a space dedicated to the advertisement of vacancies and applications of the organic sector for all producers, companies, associations etc. do not require the presence at the fair to participate in this section. Those interested in participating on the board of sale may do so by filling out the form and send your ad in the relevant section (bulletin board).

IFEZA in Zamora is a great space for the exchange of trade relations. Located at the entrance to the city, well connected from the motorway from the Douro, the area known as the hamlet, an area of woodland between the river mouth of the Douro River and Valderaduey.

The building has a flag of a square that is ordered by the subdivision into two distinct spaces by a band where they are located inside the premises of exhibition management and service, which allows simultaneous exhibitions and different format.

Large exhibition area measures 5743.40 square meters, in addition to a large lobby of 2133.20 square meters, which can also be used as an exhibition hall, an exhibition area of 7876 square meters.
The mezzanine floor also has two small showrooms measuring 110 square meters and 108 respectively, as well as a conference room, cafeteria and offices.

This is a unique piece of contemporary architecture, designed by architects Mary Fraile and Javier Revillo, who have won numerous awards at national and international level:

  • 1997 First prize IberFAD Architecture
  • 1997 Award IV Biennial of Spanish Architecture 1.995-1.996
  • 1998 V Selection Sample Young Spanish Architects of the Foundation Antonio Camuñas
  • I Finalist Biennale of Architecture and Civil Engineering
  • 2000 Second Prize of ATEGO Galvanic

IFEZA, responsible for the site, is governed by public law, involving a consortium of various institutions such as the province of Zamora Town Hall, the Agricultural Bank, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry the Castilla y Leon and the County Council is partner with a higher percentage of participation. The statutes were published in the initial BOP of June 21 of 1996, and have published the amendment thereto on January 24 of 2005.
IFEZA was created in order to build an enclosure of Congresses, Fairs and Markets of the Province of Zamora for the organization of trade fairs or monograph, or technical trade shows and other activities of similar nature.

Ecocultura 2007 Awards organic

ITACYL in collaboration with Zamora, calls the " II Ecocultura 2007 Awards", on organic production, which aims First and foremost is public recognition of individuals and companies that are contributing to the development of agro ecological model with your work and effort which involves a model for entities related to the sector.

These awards are to encourage organic production, especially in the area of Castilla y Leon, where the consumption of these foods is well below its productive potential. Castilla y Leon should play a greater role in a sector that has potential and exceptional products for which there are outstanding economic, ecological and social.

These Awards aim to become a prestigious award for those who spend their business or part of the momentum of this sector both from production and / or industrialization. Therefore, we declare our commitment to increase public each year our organizational, economic and communication effort, so that these awards represent a real incentive for those who receive and, in turn, gain recognition in society.

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1 Reviews about Ecocultura 2007
on 30/09/2015
A lot of these events that I'm reading about on this website took place several years ago, and it looked like even back then they had a strong backing adn support system. I would be really interested to know how these organizations are doing today. Any updates?

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