Eco-Gastronomy in the region of the cider Öko-Gastronomie aus der Apfelwein (Sidra) Ecogastronomia en la Comarca de la Sidra

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Eco-Gastronomy in the region of the cider

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Eco-Gastronomy in the region of the cider

Tourism Foundation County Cider, continuing its strategy of innovation and tourism competitiveness, has initiated contacts with several restaurants in the District for inclusion in an innovative project to implement ecologic menus in that territory.

The project "Eco-Gourmet” of Ecoagroturismo Foundation based in Villaviciosa, aims to strengthen collaboration between the tourism sector and the local agricultural and livestock sector engaged with indigenous varieties and organic production, trying to revive food production in the Shire from the perspective of local biodiversity and organic production, promoting actions to put our resources into value culinary and food and contribute to the consolidation of sustainable tourism.

Beginning in January 2010, the restaurants attached to the project will involve a training course to meet the criteria and tools available that enable them to incorporate new forms and new food products to the gastronomic offer.

This project, a pioneer in Asturias, culminating in April 2010 with a gastronomic celebration around the healthy Agri-food and putting up a network of restaurants with "ECOLOGICAL MENU IN THE REGION OF THE CIDER" incorporate into their buying of organic and local products, thus responding to booming demand a healthy cuisine and local identity to complement a range of sustainable tourism.

This initiative is part of the program activities of the Plan of gastronomic tourism competitiveness of Asturias, which is conducted by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Principality of Asturias, Asturian Federation Councils, FADE and the Chambers of Commerce of Oviedo Gijon and Aviles.

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2 Reviews about Eco-Gastronomy in the region of the cider
on 29/04/2015
My fiance makes really good home brew cider and it's the best. We have always talked about walking through an orchard some time, and doing the cider from freshly pressed apples. We'd really like to go to an organic farm too...or better yet...grow our own apples!
on 26/05/2013
I?m glad to hear about this initiative and I would love to try one of the amazing dishes prepared with organic food, it?s a good way to improve tourism too since more people will hear news about this place and then try to visit it for sure, so keep on going with things like that

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