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Eco-Food Fair in Zarautz

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Eco-Food Fair in Zarautz

Zarautz welcomed on Friday the tenth edition of the Organic Agriculture Fair. From 9.00 am until 14.00 in the afternoon, more than twenty-five places and small producers at the Basque Country, Navarre and Basque filled the Plaza de los Fueros with organic foods and products.

This year, the organizers have sought to highlight the character of these ecological fairs where expositors around us, from villages that are in progress under the rules of organic production, present their products to consumers in a very near future.

The exhibition, at morning, will present the following food, which are becoming increasingly diverse: vegetables, fruits, milk, cheese and milk (goat, sheep and cow), eggs, wine, cider, txakoli, honey, jams, bread, pasta, kebabs and ecological preserves and also have a post that will provide ecological thalli. There are also several artisans, a small company that works with textile dyes and organic fabrics and another featuring natural cosmetic creams, soaps, ointments, etc. Also attending the nursery Blasenea of Zarautz, the first plant nursery organic horticulture Gipuzkoa.

Similarly, Ekonekazaritza put a table with information that will several publications on organic agriculture, and among them some studies of the fruit of practical gardening work in common among Ekonekazaritza, Biolur Navarre and the Basque Biharko Lurraren Elkartea.

The ecological fairs are the barometer of the status of Organic Agriculture. We can observe the evolution of supply every year. But also we must not forget the importance of ecological fairs as a starting point for relations: relations between organic producers and consumers, or between organic farmers and those producing posed the transformation of this mode of production. The fairs offer the opportunity to learn about the ecological product, meet the producers and ask, of course, these fairs are raised for those consumers that over the years have difficulty finding organic products, so can come to know them and buy them.

All food that the consumer can find at these fairs has been obtained by ecological systems of production, backed by relevant certificates. The rationale and scope of organic agriculture is summarized in getting healthy products for the consumers and the planet, helping soil retains fertility and ecosystem balance, ensuring decent living conditions for animals without producing toxic waste products and without using any synthetic substance on the ground, the plants or feed additives.

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1 Reviews about Eco-Food Fair in Zarautz
on 25/10/2014
I wonder, do the vendors or the suppliers for these food fairs come from locally owned, family-owned farms? How big of a production line do you have to have to participate in these sorts of assemblies? I'm super interested because I began gardening a few years ago, and now we have a fairly big operation going.

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