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Ecological Festival for Children "Mamaterra"

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Ecological Festival for Children "Mamaterra"

Bioculture for small within Bioculture. Mini-fair within one of our great show. A new space where the unborn, infants and children are the true protagonists. A tent with games, workshops and snacks, conference rooms for parents on breastfeeding, natural childbirth and reusable diapers, among others, and a mini of lullabies to put the finishing touch. "These little crazy" are the real protagonists.

They, who are yet unborn and those who have it done recently, which will soon take the reins of institutions, businesses, schools, hospitals ... Should therefore begin now to learn respect for nature. And people should, above all, to bring a child as naturally as possible, because in the future, the will play to a large extent what they have lived in their childhood. In general, individuals reproduce similar behaviors in adulthood to those who have lived in their early years. Therefore, we want to hear the best experts, we want to get children the best food, we want off from the dangers of technological society and, secondly, to discover that there are other ways of living for children that are more sustainable and natural. Every day, for example, only in the UK are thrown to the garbage around eight million conventional diapers. This causes serious environmental problems. But there are alternatives: reusable nappies are greener and healthier, spend less energy and produce far less waste.

Tenderness in resentment of the times 

Mamaterra is the most important innovation fair this year in Bioculture. It has several parts and several areas within the fair. On the one hand, a tent where there will be more playful activities directed to small: storytellers, documentaries, with organic snacks, workshops related to food and agriculture ... Moreover, in other rooms, there are presentations, lectures, debates and panel discussions aimed at providing the broadest possible to families, who will be parents, who already are too ... breastfeeding, natural alternatives to conventional diapers, infant massage, networks of doulas... Saturday and Sunday, from 18h to 20h, there will be a mini lullabies fair with the participation, among other artists, Lea & Shalom Bohemia Camerata, Rule Cumbá … Finally, stands at the fair where you will find information and where you can find natural infant feeding products, natural home birth, and so on. We want to put an accent of tenderness to this edition of Bioculture at a time when it seemed that the bitterness, hatred, intolerance and exclusion dominate the news and our daily lives.

Top specialists 

All items will be of most interest to those who will soon be parents or those who have been recently, even those which were made few years, will be led by the best specialists in the sector. The topics to be addressed are many and it is impossible to summarize in a few lines. For example, midwives and doulas discuss the importance of natural childbirth and breastfeeding. The scientists will describe the dangers of diets saturated with chemicals such as pesticides and others. Nutritionists show various topics such as vegetarianism in childhood or how to conduct a biological power as possible for our children. The talks are aimed at the general public and also to schools, teachers who are responsible for all kinds of institutions related to children...

Open showcase

Mamaterra will also be a showcase for everybody that has something to say consistent with Bioculture and in relation to the world of children. For example, there will be books of any topic but with an child actor, from children's books of short stories to books like those published by Gedisa, Baby kangaroo and Daughters whose mothers were resilient for Nathalie Charpak and J. Barudy and A. P. Marquebrecq respectively, teach us to be as natural as possible to conduct with our children. The first volume tells of a cited method primarily designed for women and mothers in the South to compensate for power shortages and push technology to children born prematurely. The lack of incubators has given the invention of this method ensuring the loving bond between mother and premature baby.

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